Serracchiani: «Salvini voted for the Benetton salvo» Answers: «Those who have not guarded must be silent»

In 2008, Salvini voted in favor of the so-called "save Benetton", which gave the group the very advantageous concessions for Autostrade. He ruled with Berlusconi ,. Now he does not remember it anymore. this is the accusation on Twitter of the deputy Pd, Deborah Serracchiani. Yes, where – the Minister of the Interior, host of the Rai3 Agor program – by those who have ruled for years and years and signed and verified the concessions, would be well silent.

Salvini: Nationalize Autostrade? Yes, if we look at the balance

I am not a pros and cons Car or Benetton. I am not against private individuals, but in this case the private person has made a mess. What we do will be dictated by the desire for revenge but for justice, continues Salvini, speaking of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa. And to those who ask him if he is in favor of the nationalization of the company Autostrade, the Deputy Prime Minister replies: Studying the financial statements of Autostrade, s. Salvini announces that he wants to start an important plan for the rehabilitation of infrastructure. The money is there – ensures – and others are stuck in the greenhouses of the municipalities. The minister also promises an extraordinary recruitment plan for 1,500 firefighters. We need the improvement of salaries and the reinforcement of emergency services, he explains.

20 August 2018 (change 20 August 2018 | 11:13)


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