Seventeen year old from Mondovì dies drowned in the lake of Osiglia (Savona)

Tragedy today (September 2) in the lake of Osiglia. A seventeen year old Andrea Morselli from Mondovì died drowned while bathing. The young man who has now been restored by the divers of the fire department at the end of his life. Then the rescuers tried a long resuscitation, but there was nothing for the boy to do. According to the first hypotheses, the seventeen-year-old would probably have drowned as a result of congestion. Carabinieri examinations are under way.

The news of Andrea's death soon arrived in the Via Cuneo district in Mondovi, where he lived with his mother, father and brother. Incredulous and troubled peers. "A reserved and good boy who prefers to read social media" he recalls. Andrea was present at the Itis Cigna of Mondovì. The corpse stands on the cemetery of Savona waiting for the eviction at the funeral.


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