Sgarbi has never completed a mayoral term

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Vittorio Sgarbi

Vittorio Sgarbi has never completed a mayoral term. And to say that it is now a habituee of the chair of the first citizen, but always in different places (and distant) between them.

He was elected mayor of San Severino Marche in 1992, but the city of Maceratese was a police station after his resignation, just over a year later.

The task that had to be discussed the most, however, was that of Mayor of Salemi, municipality of Trapani. He resigned on 30 June 2008 and resigned on 15 February 2012, one month after the dissolution due to infiltration by the Mafia. An experience dotted with polemics and provocations, The Daily Fact remembers. A few months after the election victory Sgarbi decided to set up various "exceptional" departments: Graziano Cecchin "al Nulla", Oliviero Toscani "alla Creatività" and Morgan "all" Ebbrezza ".

When the interception on Libera, in which the art critic said he did not want to assign Don Ciotti the management of the country that he had confiscated the Salemite boss Salvatore Miceli, and the special call for the deputy mayor who is only accessible to women between 25 and 45 years.

The dissolution resulting from the infiltration of the Mafia was decided on the basis of a report from the Viminale in which it was attributed to Sgarbi had "exact responsibilities" for not having "curbed the interference of the regional deputy of the DC Pino Giammarinaro".

Sgarbi tried to return to the leadership of a local authority by presenting himself at the elections in Cefalù in 2012 (candidacy initially rejected by the court of Marsala because of the facts of Salemi) and in 2018 elected deputy for the fifth time, he reneged the appointment of Assignor of Assets cultural activities in Sicily.

Then the lightning in Sutri, where he was chosen on June 11 to resign on August 25th. The reasons? "For the full awareness of the impossibility of being able to govern democratically in a country dominated by fascist infiltrations with arrogance and in the absence of a vision, subordinate to special interests".

But what had happened to Sutri to make Sgarbi angry? In the technical meeting for the session of the junta Sgarbi and municipal councilor Matteo Amori of Casapound there was a lively exchange of words that in a statement to the carabinieri the now-former mayor called "insults and threats of squadrons".

Even the temptation to sit on the armchair of Sirmione's mayor, "city that has beauties that are not inferior to Sutri, but a real tendency to cultural and tourist development" only lasted a few hours. After an attack by Viviana Beccalossi, former vice president of the Lombardy region, who recalled that "the municipalities are not trams to get in and out as they wish" and that "Sirmione deserves more than a part-time mayor", art has announced that he wants to withdraw his candidacy. "I am so uninterested that Beccalossi won without a fight … Thanks to Benito, I do not mean, after the fascist of Sutri, to have a Beccalossi for my chest", concludes with a game on the Fdi exponent Riccardo De Corato.

All institutional arrangements of Sgarbi

  • from 05/03/2018: Member (Group: FI) – Elected in the Emilia-Romagna district
  • from 14/06/2014: Councilor for revolution – Culture and agriculture – Defending the landscape and the historical center of the municipality of Urbino (PU)
  • from 30/11/2017 to 27/03/2018: city councilor for cultural heritage and Sicily region of Sicily
  • from 06/28/2016 to 06/03/2017: Councilor for the historic center of the municipality of Cosenza (CS)
  • from 05/07/2008 to 10/03/2012: Councilor City Council Salemi (TP)
  • from 05/07/2008 to 10/03/2012: Municipality of Mayor Salemi (TP)
  • from 20/06/2006 to 09/05/2008: Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan (MI)
  • from 28/05/2001 to 30/05/2006: city councilor for the city of San Severino Marche (MC) (Party: Citizens list – Cen-Des)
  • from 2001 to 01/06/2002: Under-Secretary Beni Culturali (Party: FI)
  • from 14/05/2001 to 11/03/2002: City Councilor San Severino Marche (MC) (List of names: Citizens list – Cen-Des)
  • from 27-11-1996 to 14/05/2001: city councilor for the municipality of San Severino Marche (MC)
  • from 08/07/1999 to 08/11/1999: Council member of the City Council of Ferrara (FE) (List of the election: FI)
  • from 23/04/1992 to 1994/04/14: MP
  • from 14/07/1990 to 28/01/1994: City Councilor San Severino Marche (MC) (Kieslijst: PSI)
  • from 09/12/1992 to 24-12-1993: mayor of the city of San Severino Marche (MC)

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