Shoot the children of 19 and 27 years while his wife is away from home, then he takes his own life

from Vincenzo Caramadre and Pierfederico Pernarella

A double murder suicide wrapped in mystery. Researchers try to trace the motive for the family tragedy this morning in Esperia, a small town in the province of Frosinone, where a father, Giovanni Paliotta, 67, retired railroad worker, held a short 9-caliber pistol that was not reported and the two are sons, Mariano, a 27-year-old pharmacist and member of the local club of the Democratic Party, and Isabella, 19, graduated from the technical institute Cassino and a dance lover. The young people slept in the bedroom. The man then turned the weapon against himself and took his own life.

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The woman had gone on the road at the time of the murder suicide. It was the woman who discovered her body when she came home. Researchers are working to find out the reason for the human gesture. The country is in shock: "An inexplicable tragedy", some citizens noticed. The carabinieri listen to some people around the family to clarify and find a solution to the tragedy at the moment, apparently, without reason.


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