"sincere" dip mixed backwards by an American couple. Fine of 900 euros

Only the jury with the pallets was missing, essential to judge the incredible "synchro" mixed mix backwards by a couple in Fontana di Trevi. Who has seen many and many others, but this is still not the case.

Some agents from the local police of Rome Capital intervened against a few American tourists of about 50 years. Wife and husband, from the United States, suddenly plunged into the fountain with a backward dive. Risk & # 39; s even to get hurt and furthermore without giving any justifications for this ritual so far not published in the ancient history of the fountain. And they did not even seem to shine.

Because the two have been fined 900 euros and it would be interesting that sooner or later – the patience is not lacking – the local police will show receipt of payment of the fine that might return to the United States of the divers must limit. The fines are already raised – as they say – but are they honored? Waving on the media that received would undoubtedly be an important deterrent effect with international resonance.

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Earlier, a patrol had been stopped and sanctioned by a Russian citizen, about 40 years old, with the intention of getting wet in the same fountain.

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