Sirmione, fear of a child of 5 years: falls into the pool and will probably drown

Sirmione (Brescia), August 21, 2018 – Moments of fear in a residence in Sirmione where one child threatened to die drowned in the pool. The alarm was activated for a small guest from the La Borghetta estate who was unconscious and in case of cardiac arrest in the pool of the structure. the child, 5-year-old English, it would have fallen into the water and a bit of water had been noticed the same age that the alarm has launched. They were the parents then, led by a 118 operator on the telephone from Bergamo, to initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and restart the child's heart.

The little boy had spent three days in a farm in Sirmione with his family when he left his parents this morning. His mother and father – as they explain from Areu – found him a few minutes later, immersed in the pool. Thanks to the telephone assistance of the Bergamo Operations Hall, they have succeeded restart the heartbeat of the child. Rescuers arrive within a few minutes via helicopter Brescia and Bergamo, who transported the child to the citizens of Brescia, where he is now hospitalized. carabinieri from the Compagnia di Desenzano.

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