So Zingaretti prepares the climb to the Democratic Party

So Zingaretti prepares the climb to the Democratic Party

Nicola Zingaretti is preparing to launch his candidacy at the secretariat of the Democratic Party. It does this in its own way, with small steps studied in detail, to try not to undermine the fragile internal balance of the feast. After a quiet summer, spent between the family and meetings with the faithful to prepare the last moves, the 52-year-old governor of Lazio will speak on Wednesday at the national party in Ravenna. From that moment Zingaretti could discover his cards.

In addition, the invitation has already been launched today at a convention held in Rome on 6 and 7 October, at a yet to be determined location, to the Democratic Party from & # 39; irrelevance & # 39; to pick up, ask participants & # 39; passion & # 39; to bring, ideas and trust in the other ", leaves little doubt about his upcoming step to candidacy.In early August the governor closed the contest on the stability of his majority in the Regional Council, where the vote of March had given him the victory but not enough seats to govern without resorting to the opposition After four months of dialogue on the issues, especially with the M5S group, with the allocation of the last positions in the meeting room, the Democratic Party knew two council members of the Misto group who were prepared to support the majority, so for now, the practice of the stability of the parliamentarian from Lazio, Zingaretti is now free to dedicate himself to the party.

In his long speech today at Huffington Post, the governor never mentions his political education, whose power he begs for a long distance, to resort to his institutional profile as a local administrator. But in recent months, in the interviews that her potential candidacy announced, she has always sketched the profile of a multiple party, which returns to talk with her people and with the formations more to the left, otherwise in other words of the imprinting & # 39; personalistic & # 39; instilled by Matteo Renzi in recent years.

Which Pd represents Zingaretti

Zingaretti presents an open formation, returning to its roots, from left to Catholic social doctrine, to the model of the heterogeneous majority that it currently supports in the region, from Italian left to movements for the right to housing up to to the Italian radicals and to the community of Sant & # 39; Egidio. The attempt, briefly summarized, of that synthesis between political formations, community life and civil society, which has dotted the Governor's decades of political activity, began in the 1980s with the movements of social anti-Mafia. "Now we can continue to complain, share, isolate to disenchantment, irrelevance, or we can decide to look to the future as the territory of hope, solidarity, opportunities for everyone", writes Zingaretti. What then attacks the executive Lega-M5s: "They have turned the government of a big country into an agency of amateurism and resentment, they speak a language full of hatred and hysteria, which deceives citizens, disdains political opponents, ridicule science."

One of the first unknowns in his attempt to climb the party would be the absence of organized & # 39; troops & # 39; can be. Outside of Rome, his city – where the Democratic Party is going through a difficult season, between an opposition of modest results to the Virginia Raggi M5S junta and perpetual quarrels between the currents – Zingaretti has no reserve of parliamentarians and tribal chiefs at the moment. to support. Factor, however, that in a political phase characterized by a very mobile voice and the escape from the correntismo, an advantage could be.

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