Stifled by a grape. Kill two children in 15 days of health

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Rome – Two children of two years death within 15 days days went for a grape of grapes crosswise and ready in the airways. Two absurd tragedies that perhaps could have been avoided in the seconds immediately after the accident.

"Avoidable deaths118 must be called immediately, without any loss of time follow the instructions that are given in real time by the operators on how to make them unravel maneuvers», Intervenes Mario Balzanelli, director of the 118 system of Taranto and president of the Italian society of systems 118 (SIS 118). And he adds: "All mothers and fathers of Italy they must know the unblocking maneuvers airways and know how to be put into practice when needed, because they will most likely recover oxygen and ventilation ".

President Sis repeats, as he has done on other occasions, that Italy is freely available to the entire Italian population for their learning and training.

L & # 39;obstruction of the airways by a foreign body it kills, if the disturbance maneuvers are not carried out immediately, on average within 3 – 4 minutes. L & # 39;asphyxia actually destroys the cerebral cortex in a very short time.

"It is catastrophic to lose seconds, let alone minutes," explains the president of the SIS.

On 8 August in Marina di Lizzano (Taranto), a two-year-old girl while she was in the sea with her family, eat a grape, which he's going wrong. The baby will start a cardiac arrest within a few minutes. A doctor and a rescuer, who were accidentally on the beach, start the CPR maneuvers. The girl is taken to the headquarters of the Tourist Medical Guard, 118 is mentioned. The ambulance arrives immediately, just like the automedic. On the spot comes the same director of 118, Balzanelli and takes over resuscitation maneuvers. After almost 2 hours of CPR, death is recorded.

On August 23, still in the province of Taranto, a two-year child while at home eat a grape. Deadly it inhales, resulting in a total obstruction of the airways. He is taken to the Tourist Medical Guard. 118 is called, the ambulance arrives 6 minutes after the call. Reanimation is useless. The child dies.

SIS 118 will soon announce the calendar of initiatives that will be held throughout the country to teach the population some basic first aid measures. "Only the revolution of the doctrine of First Aid to the Italian School – Balzanelli concludes – will ensure that Italians in 20 years, in these frightening cases, can immediately provide effective and concrete difference between life and death».

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