Summer break, thunderstorms and lower temperatures

Summer fall: thunderstorms, in some cases hailstorms, strong winds and falling temperatures greet the first weekend of September.

A break from the heat and the good weather with a "cold drop". This is how the meteorologists at the Epson weather center define it and the fault, they point out, is the low-pressure vortex that seems determined throughout the weekend not to abandon Italy.

"The disruption that reached North Italy yesterday – they continue – has given rise to a cyclonic circulation of fresh air that will remain stationary near our central northern regions."

The unstable weather will be "more pronounced in the northern region & # 39; s where the values ​​have stayed well below the seasonal average", the experts at the Epson Weather Center observe. At the weekend there may be showers or thunderstorms spread over the Alps, eastern Lombardy, north-east and much of the center, as well as in Campania, central-northern Puglia, the Lucan Apennines and in the North of Sicily.

In the night, the phenomena will largely have the tendency to fade or run out. Temperatures continue to fall until they reach values ​​below the mid-north standard, where it is difficult to exceed 24-25 degrees, while in the south there are no significant variations, with peaks around 30 degrees.

The low-pressure vortex will remain on the peninsula all weekend, leaving for the beginning of next week. Imprints are still expected for Monday, while the improvement becomes "clearer in the middle of the week, when – the Epson weather center is detected – stable conditions will reign and warm up again, with typical temperatures in late summer".

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