Surprise stop by Toti and Bucci with the Archistar: "From August 14th, I do not think of anything else"

Surprise stop by Toti and Bucci with the Archistar: "From August 14th I do not think of anything else" –

For the reconstruction of the Morandi bridge, Renzo Piano crashed on 14 August in Genoa. The great Genoese architect, whose intervention in recent days was already invoked by Luca Bizzarri on the Republic's pages, met with governor and commissioner for emergency cases Giovanni Toti and the mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci. His staff had already carried a large model in the offices of the region. "The bridge is a theme that touches all strings: from the technological to the poetic," said Renzo Piano at the end of the meeting with governor Giovanni Toti who met this morning to communicate his availability after the collapse of the Morandi Bridge: " an idea of ​​a bridge "that took shape in the model that was brought to the Liguria region this morning. The piano gave the city of Genoa a "bridge idea" that took shape in the plastic that was transported this morning in the Liguria region. When the Morandi viaduct "collapsed" I was in Geneva – said Piano – and since then I do not think of anything else ".
"I hope to be useful, I do it with great conviction: the city must find pride and redemption, we have to rebuild this bridge and reconsider the entire area of ​​the Polcevera valley." The bridge was built by engineers, but I'm glad I can help project because behind the bridge is the pride and beauty of the city. "Renzo Piano said it at the end of the meeting with Governor Toti for his & # 39; idea for the bridge & # 39; to present.
"I got an idea of ​​what the new bridge should look like," said Piano, "but it's just the beginning." A designer thinks and reasons using objects and sketches. it is exaggerated, there is a moral obligation to ensure that the new bridge brings with it the characteristics of genius, quality and a bit of our thrift. It must be a bridge that expresses all of this, there must be a memory of a tragedy and its elaboration in time. "Piano said he did not believe" in record time for reconstruction, I believe at the right time, we have to do it quickly, but not in a hurry ".
The drama of the collapse of the Morandi viaduct is something that can not be forgotten: "but architecture does this: it celebrates and builds, the city builds changes and documents." The important thing is not to fall into the rhetoric, "added Piano.
The area of ​​the Val Polcevera involved in the collapse of the Morandi viaduct is of great importance, even if it is "considerably peripheral". I have always worked on the theme of the suburbs, an area of ​​transformation, industry and railroad, an area of ​​extraordinary importance for the city, Genoa can not think of growing, either by sea or upstream, so the area where the bridge has a great urban value ".
The Genoese architect recently published an interview with the observer in which he indicated in the reconstruction and cooperation the only way to overcome this period of negativity and political mistrust in Italy after the tragedy of 14 August 2018: "… I would like to be involved because this is my mission, I am also a senator for life and that is why it is one of my tasks to respond to such a disaster in one way or another ". Plan for Genoa in 1992 already the redevelopment of the old port with the birth of the Aquarium realized and works together with the municipality on the construction of the new waterfront in the eastern city.
"He presented himself as a competent Genoese volunteer in the field, and we accepted the help he gave us today, although he thought a lot about it in these days and when an idea presented him," but the contribution will come in the coming years. days. For example, Giovanni Toti commented on the meeting he had in the morning, together with the mayor Marco Bucci, with the architect Renzo Piano, to talk about the & # 39; after Morandi & # 39 ;.
Encounter that also gives a report of his social profiles: Ccon the mayor Marco Bucci and architect Renzo Piano to talk about how the city, after the fall of the Morandi bridge, can be nicely reborn around the new bridge ", writes.

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