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NAPLES – "Withdrawal or drastic review of disgraceful concessions from coasts, highways (including the Tangenziale of Naples, the only toll in Italy) and common goods".

The mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, asks in the post that analyzes the tragedy of Genoa. The Roads Office of the municipality of Naples, as well as the program agreed with the Ministry of Mobility, has today carried out a number of technical inspections on the 162 road between the exit of the Centro Direzionale and Corso Malta and on the bridge of Sanità.

There were reports on both structures in recent days, but the inspections were already planned and especially for the & # 39; 162 & # 39; which was in good condition. In the coming days, they always let the municipality know, we will proceed to the verification of the intrados coverage of the lower part.

On the Bridge of Health the texture of the wall is in good condition of conservation. The only critical aspect is the presence of an absolutely dry spot formed during meteorological events.
It has been decided, it is read in a note, to proceed to the repavaggio of the bridge with potenziamento of the system of captazione of the waters. The control will continue with other viaducts in the coming days.

"The enormous tragedy of Genoa still disturbs the whole country after a few days: Anger, indignation, fear, sadly united Italy The unacceptable fate of the victims and the memory, for me, can only return to John, the young operator who the camera has made me appreciate its humanity and its professionalism and we have to make some considerations on this point.

The first. In a state of the law, the responsibility of a criminal event is determined by the judiciary in its autonomy and independence. I find it serious that those who rule and hold power at the highest level – with corpses and missing, still buried by rubble and with anger among the people – use summary processes and also find the "guilty" in connection with the criminal event and point to the public mere mere requirements of a sinister consensus.

The second. The propaganda brawl only a few hours after the disaster, the eternal election campaign, the politics of the titolite, the announcement and the will of the permission of the day, the applause of the short glance, the unqualified selfie during the funerals, the rally & # 39; s and the dinners while they were looking for the missing and had the duty to stay in place instead of a cake, they reached nauseating levels. The third. The political responsibilities of those who ruled in previous years, including in the area of ​​privatization and concessions, are so evident that they have visibly emphasized electricians and voters with the vote of 4 March.

The competition certainly can not come true because it has governed important countries and regions, and certainly privatizations and concessions have characterized the center-right governments. The fourth. The political responsibilities required of a government on the verge of starting its first economic-financial maneuver. The government and parliament must finance the most important public work needed for the country, namely to secure Italy: schools, buildings, roads, rivers, mountains, green areas, infrastructures and coasts.

In short, a radical change for the safety of Italy. To give the sources an indication: reduce the military expenses that the government is about to increase; strict fight against tax evasion, money laundering and corruption; increasing the tax on financial income and on large real estate; cancellation of unnecessary works, such as the TAV in Val di Susa, the third pass northwest, the TAP and others, repeal or drastic revision of shameful concessions from coasts, highways (including the bypass of Naples, the only toll in Italy!) and of ordinary goods; republishing services sold to oligarchic powers in deference to the single liberalistic idea; abolishing legal and financial constraints that prevent local authorities from conquering territories and improving services, enabling them to have and use the necessary economic and human resources; abolish the budget balance in the Constitution.

What intrigues us then, who in the government hated the South and the Southerners and now – what you do not do for permission and power for power – you discover a lover of the Apulian fish, the buffalo mozzarella of Campania, the cities to the foot of the Etna ends in mid-August to the jewel of the rally in San Luca in Aspromonte.

In those countries that are so beautiful and so complex, the Minister of the Interior has promised that he will defeat Camorra, Mafia and Ndrangheta. While they are screaming at the meeting, there are magistrates and police who are still looking for the approximately 50 million euros that the Italians' League would have stolen.

A small part of that money, mr. Minister, it would be enough in my Naples to give homeless people a roof, starting with the Italians you so dear … with words. And then, Mr. Minister, before you make bombastic statements about the mafia's defeat – a theme that is too serious for those who are really opposed to it and not a joke – maybe it would not be bad, given the role it plays and not you allow to know be a bit more careful about who is approaching and continuing with your political coach. Nothing can bring politics closer to this government whose political leadership continues to work to strongly discriminate on the basis of the places – north / south – and on the basis of the skin – whites / blacks – but if there is an inversion in the budgetary maneuver, of course, we will like to acknowledge this with our intellectual and institutional honesty. As always, however, we remain on the front line! ".


"Words in freedom that should not even be commented on".

So at ANSA, the president of the Tangenziale di Napoli, the former minister of the budget, Paolo Cirino Pomicino, notices, as written in a post by the mayor of Naples, who speaks of "repeal or drastic revision of shameful concessions of coasts. , highways (Tangenziale of Naples included, the only toll in Italy) and common goods ".

"I always amaze myself – says Pomicino again – I did not know that the mayors also had these powers". Concerning the safety of bridges and viaducts on the bypass around Naples, Pomicino is clear: "They are safe and maintenance is constant and we have recently done some work with the adoption of measures to ensure anti-seismicity on some viaducts".

Then the former minister of budget makes a brief reflection on political polemics after the tragedy of Genoa: "Unfortunately some think they honor the memory of the dead by saying too many words in freedom. (ANSA)

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