Teacher bonus 2018-2019, the news of the new school year: how to spend the money

The approach is approaching back to school for students, professors and school staff. In September there will be a lot to receive for the first time Teacher card, the so-called "Teacher bonuses". What are the news from 2018/2019? And how to spend the bonus of € 500 this year? On the website dedicated to the Teachers' Charter we read: "From 1 September, the CartaDeal application will be temporarily suspended for the management of the change in the school year. Note that the portfolio of already registered teachers is temporarily disabled and the quantities of booked and unpublished vouchers are automatically canceled and assigned to the remaining part of the school year 2017/2018, the validation of the vouchers for both application and web services is also blocked, you can also buy books, magazines and recordings. museums, tickets for cultural events, theater and film or to register for undergraduate and master's programs, courses for in-service training, carried out by qualified or accredited institutions of the Ministry of Education, University and Research ".

Teacher bonuses 2018-2019: what is the teachers' charter

The teacher's charter is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, University and Research required by law 107 of 13 July 2015 (Good School), art. 1 paragraph 121, which lays down the Electronic Charter for the updating and training of permanent teachers of educational institutions. The teachers' bonus 2018-2019 is an economic advantage that is reserved only for teachers who hold a professorship in a public school of all levels. That is why both private and temporary teachers are excluded. However, the beneficiaries of the bonus teachers are those who have become tenants thanks to the Extraordinary Plan that has reached the province of ownership and those who will play a temporary role in Phase C. The identity of the teachers is verified by means of the public system for management of the digital identity of citizens and businesses, hereinafter referred to as "SPID". In order to use the card, the teacher must equip himself with his SPID and verify himself on the site cartadeldocente.istruzione.it.

School calendar 2018-2019: early return for some, dates region for region

The teacher must use the Teacher & # 39; s Card to support his / her up-date and training costs: he / she can use the 500 euro bonus to purchase books, publications and magazines in digital format; or PC or tablet useful for your training; for enrollment in courses for updating and qualifying professional skills. Theatrical and cinematographic performances, museum entrances, live shows, exhibitions and cultural events are also part of the teacher training program. The Teacher & # 39; s Card can also be used on Amazon.it. In detail, the good teachers on Amazon can be spent on the purchase of books, e-books or eReader Kindle. Otherwise, you can use the Amazon store voucher by purchasing one of the computer products that you find in the special section. How to issue the voucher on Amazon.it? Open the Teacher & # 39; s Card, generate a voucher worth € 5, € 10, € 50, € 100 or € 250 and convert it to an Amazon code on the site amazon.bonus-docenti.it.

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