"Text is response to controversy"

After the polemic about the withdrawal of the concession to highways before the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, the actual society now decides to publish the whole text of the treaty with the state. In the previous weeks around the "secrets" that had been linked to the text, the controversies had been ignited. Società Autostrade by l & # 39; Italia therefore decided to publish everything online on its website. The choice, explains Auotostrade, is "responding to the controversy and exploitation that dominate the public debate on the subject". A move, always according to the company, carried out immediately after the start by the executive of the procedure for the revocation of the agreement. This is the text of the concession that was approved in 2008 and would expire in 2038. The group recalled that most of these documents were already made public by the Ministry of Transport in February. Moreover, the company always points out that the documents have also been provided to members of the public works committee in the Senate. "It is important to underline that there is no internal regulation or international practice that provides for the publication of such documents in relation to motorway concessions, also to ensure a level playing field between the different operators in the sector, also in the case of new allocation procedures ", Autostrade said.

The text of the convention

In fact, there are in the document also the steps that delinenao the termination of the relationship with the corresponding penalties. Almost the same that already appeared in the days after the tragedy with the payment by the state of about 20 billion euros, or the "net present value of the management's income expected from the date of withdrawal, withdrawal or termination of the relationship to the end of the concession, after deduction of the related costs, expenses, investments and taxes that can be expected in the same period ". Moreover, also from the text, the recognition to the manager of a compensation of up to 10 percent gross for investments and interventions on the network. However, arm wrestling between the government and the company continues. The grill wing is on the withdrawal of the concession. The words of Di Maio are clear: "We need a state-owned company because the alternative is to give them back to Benetton and I'm sure nobody in the government wants to give the Benetton highways". The position of the undersecretary of the Council Presidency, Giorgetti, is more cautious: "First, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, the process will be completed, which will tell us whether a withdrawal of the Autostrade concession is possible. from the government, we will also evaluate this possibility, we stand for a fierce opponent ". (Read the full text of the convection here).

"The truth after 20 years of secrets"

Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Danilo Toninelli, spoke about the publication of the text of the agreement: "After almost 20 years of privatization, after 20 years of secrets and omissions, Autostrade says per l & # 39; Italia that it wants transparency to make his gesture seem spontaneous and dictated by an autonomous desire to meet the public interest, too bad that on Friday, as I saw in the letter below, I had sent the leadership of MIT to get all the acts out of it , the annexes and the financial plan regarding the convention ", he stated on Facebook. In the same post, talking about the decision to make public acts, Toninelli speaks of "very strong internal and external pressure in the opposite direction that I suffered and still suffered, including the warning from Autostrade per l & # 39; to publish ".

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