That route in the gorge of Raganello, with diving suits and helmets

Charming and suggestive. The journey to the Gorges of the Raganello stream (where the Luned flooded the walkers) the first is recommended as soon as you arrive in Civita, a beautiful village on the Calabrian side of Pollino Park (in the province of Cosenza) overlooking the river. From the belvedere we lean over a cliff of a few hundred meters and I flow over the bottom of the stream. It can be reached on foot, or the guided tours organized by the city center accompany tourists by jeep.

You can swim along the Raganello on the hottest days of the summer. On the coast, hoping for the stones, like you do in mountain streams. Or go back to the source, to the north. And then he slips into his bed and enters the gaps that gradually become deeper (and dark); climb the rocks or descend into the ice-cold water. You walk, you swim, you dive. And you discover waterfalls, water slides, rocks sculpted by water and wind, natural pools. A real miracle. It is called canyoing, you walk like a gorge, with rocks of 600 meters high on the head overlooking the river. The first part of the Raganello, the low gorges, for almost everyone, are used for dexterity and balance.

Then the walk almost climbs, only suitable for those who are able. For others it is better to come back. The Gorges for being open to everyone and anyone can enter and board, even in flip-flops and swimsuit and easy to meet family during a walk as well as at the water's edge. But in the village everyone's advice is to be accompanied. There are cavers and geologists who are guides. Before they enter the Gorges, they wear a suit, a protective helmet and closed shoes: mandatory. They point to the most slippery rocks and overhangs where you do not touch each other (and you can even dive). But before they leave, they inform themselves about the time they have to make. If rain is expected, consult tomorrow.

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