"The 49 million? If the League changes name restrictions in the attacks"

The Procurator of Genoa, Francesco Cozzi, Try to find the scenario that affects the League in anticipation of the review of the review, coming on September 6, about blocking the current accounts of the Carroccio. In an interview with Corriere Cozzi actually suggests that with a name change by the party there may be some restrictions on the kidnappings. "We will continue with the seizures until amounts are available on the League accounts," says the Corriere della Sera prosecutor. Then this point is better explained, which in fact opens new scenarios in this legal case: "Faced with a completely new legal issue, we could not do anything about future payments, even if the newborn is heir to the previous one. ideological and politician: we must always evaluate the legal continuity to continue and in this case it would jump ".

In short, the hypothesis of the birth of a new political entity could protect the League against seizures without rebates from the judiciary: "The idea of ​​a new party is not peregrine falcons to pay something in the treasury that is not money or relocation. will tell you, if you bring four gold bars to the League tomorrow that give rise to a donation of different things, I can not grab them, but if you stop money, I can take them. "

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