The atomic weapon releases the competition. Leghorn reprisal on the recipe

On the battlefield it would be called retribution. Giulia Bongiorno explodes a bomb in the internal relations of the majority that touches one of the themes that is most felt by the 5 Stars, that of justice, veto – this yes without profession – the reform of the recipe proposed by Alfonso Bonafede. We will not go beyond that, says the Northern League Minister, while within the movement the internal tensions still hold the Security Decree, at the top of the desired Northern League.

So if it is true that a government contract must be complied with, the dispute between M5S and Lega will be extended by the day. And if the enthusiasm of Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio is confirmed in the future, the wear and tear of relationships under the eyes of everyone, despite the polls that the government is still on their honeymoon with the electorate, 5 months after his training. But the League is running and M5S trudges in the permissions. Also because the 5 stars see disturbing maneuvers on the agreed program.

The problem is raised by Luigi Di Maio in an interview with Corriere della Sera, in which he repeats the centrality of the citizenship income and does not deny the problems that would result from a postponement of the main economic proposal of the 5-star movement. "Operational by March" is the timing that Di Maio has set, which again calls on everyone to respect the contract: "If a member of the government does not believe in what we do, then it is first and foremost a risk for the citizen. ". The words of undersecretary Giancarlo Giorgetti still weigh 24 hours, despite the repair meeting with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tonight was decided to throw water on the fire.

The League's disruption maneuver, in the eyes of the 5 Stars and not only, continues today, with Ministers and Under-Secretary Liga's in the field to stop some of the allies' proposals. Like the income of citizenship, that Matteo Salvini today & # 39; income from reintegration to work & # 39; is not accidental, because the conviction, as formulated by the pentastellates is a prosperity measure, excessively heavy, unbalanced between North and South, is not useful growth and restart of the labor market. Concepts developed by the undersecretary for transport, Armando Siri, when he proposes that revenues, in his financial gifts, go "instead of directly to the various beneficiaries can be given to companies and companies that take the lead on the training of" employees . According to Siri, it is necessary to build "a shared instrument that causes no ruptures in the country" because "with the income of citizenship, as presented, there is a gap between the north and the south of the country". Words denied to the sender by the party leader in the 5 Star Chamber, Francesco D & # 39; Uva, who warns the majority of the majority: "We do not take a millimeter back on the income of citizenship" .

The case of the reform of the statute of law breaks out in the government, with the solemn rejection of Giulia Bongiorno, minister of P.A. but also a voice that weighs on the issues of justice in the League. "The suspension of the statute of limitations" after the first instance "is an atomic bomb in the criminal proceedings, I am very worried," said the Minister against Sky Tg24, and rejects the ad hoc amendment of the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede. "I can not accept this, I can not resist emphasizing it," says Bongiorno, who remembers his fight against the short recipe when the government was center-right, because "the recipe has its own ethics, even a convicted a second degree of judgment within a reasonable time ". Affirmations light years away from those of the Minister of Justice, according to whom "the only atomic bomb that is likely to explode, the anger of citizens who suffer impunity", for which, Bonafede, Bongiorno "wrong" and with the reform adds "the only ones who have to fear, are the guilty. "

There is not only this political obstacle to the "anti-corruption" law. On the page of the Done Igor Iezzi, League leader in the Constitutional Affairs Committee, is a loyalist of Matteo Salvini, to put himself sideways, especially the new law on party financing. He speaks of a "counterproductive norm" and "demagogic logic", he asks to sit down at the table, but completely rejects "the way to treat the parties as if they were Mafia gangs who only had the purpose of delinquere ". Stefano Buffagni, Vice-Secretary M5S for Regional Affairs, reacts to the words of Iezzi and explains that "transparency for the budgets of the parties and foundations associated with them is a fundamental norm that citizens have been asking us for decades". Room for improvement, not for upheaval, because with the reform "politics will become a glass house and we can say goodbye to things and malapolitics".

If these hot files are added to those of major works – such as Tav, Tap, Pedemontana, Brenner, Terzo Valico, Muos – but also the security decree, League-fight that fuels the debate in the movement, waiting for the mother of all the battles – the parliamentary process of the budget law – here the list of disputes between M5 & # 39; s and Lega extends to exceedance. They do not help fighting between allies at the local level. Again the League is in trouble: Giulia Bongiorno returns to denounce the "degradation everywhere" of Rome, making the Opa League on the capital one week after the judgment on Virginia Raggi becomes clearer.

It is even ridiculously banished the official line by the two vice-premieres. From Matteo Salvini who says "no polemics, we work well, we are united for the change of the country" and by Luigi Di Maio who says "let's go further, a government contract has been signed and implemented". Under the surface the magma boils and it shows some disturbing traits.

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