The bridge creaks, enlarges red area. Toll controversy: «Free from 11» Liguria | Genoa

Traffic in the city, no discomfort in Genoa. Only slow down on Guido Rossa

No queues in the San Benigno area and even on the coast of Canepa the road was smooth this morning, with the exception of a few rows on the 3 to 2 lane shrinkage in the last part of the Guido Rossa direction Ponente

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Genoa – The Ligurian capital try hard to get up after the crash of the Morandi bridge that caused 43 deaths and 16 injured, of which at least 2 are still in danger: in the afternoon, the mayor, Marco Bucci, supplies the first houses displaced people in Via Porro and via Fillak, while interventions are being studied to support urban roads that have to be absorbed in one way or another the flows of cars & # 39; s trucks

Last night, around 10 PM new alarm in the "red zone"From via Porro and via Fillak for"crunches"And small detachments of debris from the wreck of the Morandi bridge, on the Certosa side. access restrictions have been strengthened and suspended the shelters of displaced persons inside the houses to restore personal belongings. Other checks are performed during the day.

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They are not reported in terms of traffic situations of particular difficulty. No queues in the area San Benigno and also on Canepa seafront the road network slipped this morning, with the exception of a few queues at the restriction of 3 or 2 lanes in the last part of the road Guido Rossa in West direction.

Free toll from 11 for the motorways but paid this morning
This service starts at 11:00 am on the junction of the Genoa motorway this morning and makes the toll free for motorists traveling at the Prà-Voltri – Aeroporto and Bolzaneto – Genova Ovest departments.
Ai Telepass holders – continues the observation – the transits from 14 August on the relevant sections will not be invoiced without any action on their part. not to recognize free toll had led to a strong controversy.

Compensation for those who have paid

«Those who have paid the toll on the same routes from August 14 may request a refund». The Autostrade Company indicates in a note that who paid the toll ask for a refund.
Right away simple statement, explains these Aspi users, goes to the Punto Blu of Genova Ovest and Genova Sampierdarena, or writes to [email protected]

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Free metro, provision expected during the day

Free stretch between Brin and Dinegro for the Genoese metro. Mayor and alderman for mobility are putting the final touches to the provision and the authorization to travel for free on the road should take a day: "I have just heard the mayor and Amt – said Stephen Balleari, city councilor for mobility – We will start with the free channel Brin-Dinegro metro, we decided today. It seems to me an act because of an area that suffers. We are working to leave in the next few hours ».

The research: acquired a new film
The prosecutor has now obtained a video on the investigation front (visible below) in which you see the bridge at 11.34, just 3 minutes before the collapse: will serve to accurately determine the time of the disaster, at the time set at 11.37 am.

Ponte Morandi a few moments before the collapse

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