The case – Berg, on the glacier of 4000 meters in jeans, sneakers and cordless, the photo & # 39; s of the shocks and the appeal of the Alpine Rescue Service | Italy

in sneakers at 4000 meters, the photoshock

in sneakers at 4000 meters, the photoshock

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Aosta – Sul Breithorn glacier, on the massif of Monte Rosa: with le sneakers, the sweatshirt e without ropes. It is the complaint of the Alpine Rescue that raises a post published by some climbers, falling down from the glacier, ad more than 4 thousand metersthey met a group of people who went up without them elementary security measures and without wearing essential clothing in the mountains.

The shock shots, shared on Social, have begun to circulate Facebook and have been shared and commented on by thousands of people. One of them is "for example" chosen from National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps – CNSAS launch a call to not defy the mountain without the necessary precautions.

The young portraits on the photo they literally endanger life walking on the Breithorn glacier with jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers without safety rope.

the mountaineer Victor Vicquery he met a group of hikers completely unprepared to cope with the high mountain environment. He tried to discourage them, but failed.

"I have never met at 4000 meters people in sneakers and jeans – tells about Facebook – absolutely not aware of the danger they risk! We have tried to discourage them. & # 39;

"The mountain is an extraordinary place but it is not a city park or sandy beach! Respect it – wrote the National Alpine Rescue – The first way to respect this is to live it carefullywell equipped and aware of their limits without being afraid to know how to reject ».

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