The collapse of the bridge of Genoa: the two married couples marry miraculously

«We have decided these days: we are getting married. We will do it in the church, to thank the heavens that we are here again. That day God has kept a nest for us to save us. "Natasha is moved, her Eugenius approaches, kisses her, looks at her and says that" living today is a miracle that many others have. "At 2.36 pm on August 14, Ukrainian Natalya Yelina (friend Natasha), 43, was in the car on the Morandi Bridge next to the man of her life, the Moldavian Eugeniu Babin, 34, thirteen years ago known in Italy. house in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, near Caserta, and went to France for a vacation: a trip between the French Riviera and the Provence They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, running alongside the road, the pylons, the bands, the fate of those who, like them, were swallowed up by huge heaps of debris, their lives were compressed in fifty centimeters, in the dark, until the hands of the firefighters moved one piece, and then another, another, and they saw the light again.

"We did it, they are safe"

It took four hours for an emotionally shocked voice to finally call the station to say, "We did it, it's safe." Salvi. Both, "and this is the greatest miracle," says Eugeniu. "But there is also happiness that the son of Natasha did not come on holiday with us, as he was originally, and they heard our voices screaming from there, that is, that we have not lost blood, knowledge, and then here are also these is wonderful, "he laughs. The promised spouses are in the same room as the Maragliano Pavilion in the San Martino Hospital in Genoa, "a double room" joke the head of the Giovanni Abbruzzese Rehabilitation Unit and his manager Francesco Ventura. Eugeniu – who has a shop where he is a hairdresser and she is a beautician – can be fired within a few days, Natasha will have it for another three weeks. "Now we are still fighting physical pain," she says. "Then, with the passing of time, we will have to understand what is in the head, what will remain in this whole story, here I feel protected, but I know that when I go out, I will have to deal with what is there. I am already frightened by entering a lift … ».

«The bridge started to rise»

She, the mother of Bodan, a twenty-year-old boy who has had her ex-husband, has a degree in psychology and knows that in order to survive a shocking event like this, it is essential to face the long wave of memory to see. Of those moments, of the felt feelings, both she and Eugenius remember everything. "The bridge began to rise," says Natasha, "and I realized that something really bad was going on.When we had finished falling and rolling, we said," We're still alive. "But our biggest fear was that they did not would stop. & # 39; He stops to breathe, lowers his head, and when he gets up his eyes clear when he says that at those times I thought my parents and my son would be left alone if I did not Lucids, buried alive under a pile of rubble, wounded and upside down. "I started moving my legs and hands to see if I was whole. I asked her to do the same and then we called the horn until the battery was ready. When we heard the voices of the rescuers from afar, we began to shout: "We are here, we are here". I thought the car was crushed by the rubble, but I did not know what was out there. Then we heard a voice saying: "Do not worry, we will save you". It was a moment of great relief, even though I started to feel a lot of pain ".

«Thanks to the traffic police»

Meanwhile, Bodan called his mother. One, two, a hundred times. "When I was already safe, one of the firefighters answered him," Natasha recalls. "I will never stop thanking them." A break to catch your breath. "We spoke there, Eugeniu and me. We had arrived alive until that moment, we could not do it. We have not even left hope for a moment and now we are here ». Ready to lead a second life, this time as a couple.

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