The collapse of the viaduct in Genoa – «The bridge file was not urgent» So it remained open for cars & the Tir | Italy

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The pylon 10 of Ponte Morandi stood still, but unsafe loomed over palaces and businesses

The pylon 10 of Ponte Morandi stood still, but unsafe loomed over palaces and businesses

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Genoa – "Even if we withdraw the concession to Autostrade, even if we want to send it to someone, or if a foreign company appears to colonize our motorways, or Autostrade reappears, so this is the crazy theater." We have three motorway operators, Gaio and Toto "," while Anas is a non-toll management system for highway speeds: we say so with the so-called nationalize it we will lower the tolls, but we will have roads with reasonable toll roads and with that money we will invest in maintenance and management ".

The minister said it Luigi
Maio in Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca) on the feast of daily life. "I think of another topic for the management of highways", the vice-minister decided clearly referring to what happened on 14 August 2018 in Genoa with the collapse of the Morandi bridge that caused the death of 43 people.

"Many days after the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, I have not yet heard a word from God Benetton. It is a fact of humanity. For people with this inhumanity I would not even take this chair in my hand, let us imagine the highways on which the Italians were on their way ", the Minister of Labor added.

"The bridge file was not urgent". The viaduct was therefore open to cars and Tir

The Morandi Bridge case reached the board of directors of Autostrade for Italy, as the allocation to restructure it (20.5 million, although this was initially 26) exceeded the threshold within which the managing director has an autonomous signature (5 million). And yet, Autostrade confirms, "it was not previously classified (we mean from technical levels, etc.) as a matter of urgency, but as an ordinary intervention".

The finances, however, confiscated the minutes of the meeting, dating from the end of March, to understand how the condition of the bridge was presented and what would have been done to protect it. This front is crucial because the formal classification of the work on the battered Pylons 9 and 10, which had to leave after the summer while the viaduct collapsed on August 14, as the chief prosecutor of Genoa Francesco Cozzi explains, forms the basis for the failure to to close to car & # 39; s. "If the restyling was set up differently", the magistrate explains, "it would have been possible to involve the highest public works council and impose stricter restrictions on the passage of vehicles, including total blockade".

Reconstruction of the Morandi bridge, what are the priorities? Your opinion A year and 150 million to build the new steel floor bridge


Not only that. The general definition of the operation, presented as not compelling but "improving" and thus a harbinger of a reduction in the costs owed by Autostrade to the state, is a little bit blunt with a series of letters that are the main maintenance of Aspi, Michele Donferri Mitelli, he wrote between the end of February and June both for the Provveditorato for the public works of Liguria, both for the supervision division on motorway concessions to the Ministry of Infrastructure in Rome.

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