The Democratic Party deserves extinction. Word of Calenda

The Democratic Party deserves extinction. Word of Calenda

Photo: Cristiano Minichiello / AGF

Carlo Calenda, Minister of Economic Development (AGF)

The leaders of the Democratic Party "will not mind" to lose the next European and regional elections: "What is important to them is the Congress, it becomes a place where the only secretary to be appointed is the President of the association of psychiatry is ". Hard words from the former Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda, who, speaking on Circo Massimo, on Radio Capital, said the Democratic Party is "threatened with extinction."

Words in which he regrets that he had to cancel the dinner at his house with some top leaders of the Democratic Party to try to soften the internal conflict that tears the party. In addition to Matteo Renzi, Paolo Gentiloni and Marco Minniti, the initiative should have placed a table next to the same host, and is missed because "Renzi had marched through offices and backstage yesterday afternoon and that it did not make much sense at the time," Calenda explained. on Twitter by responding to a follower. "Let's continue with the opposition, everyone does his own thing." "You can not do more now, too many egos and too many bills to settle," he adds.

Caustics are replicas for the jokes of the followers.

"I am convinced that in the next Europeans the Democratic Party should not be," said the former minister of Circo Massimo, "a progressive Republican front is needed that will restore the part of the local and national leadership that is capable of through a party whose sole purpose is to share a smaller and smaller biscuit between managers who are worn out, who only think about it from morning to evening. "

"It was not an initiative against Zingaretti"

"This dinner was born not to create a convention strategy, but to build a relationship between Gentiloni and Renzi and above all to try to squeeze a group together to engage in opposition in a structured way," Calenda said during the conference. broadcast, "have remained surreal, like Nicola Zingaretti, who invites an employee and a student who have nothing to do with it, than the others from the PD, someone who says he is on a diet, the other who organizes a sandwich .. In short, it has gone mad. "

"From Renzi way not to do seriously"

"One of the guests at the dinner, Paolo Gentiloni, supports Zingaretti, so it was not a dinner against Zingaretti", the former minister continued, "The focus of dinner was like making opposition, not a conference". "I do not know what Renzi's interest is, he said A a long time ago, I think if you say" I'll be there "and then some background information … It's not a serious way to do things Now that I am used to it, the picture is dramatic, and it is dramatic because nobody talks to anyone, no one trusts anyone, every initiative is taken as an aggression against others ".

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