"The escort to Saviano and to captain Last no?"

Rita of the church he does not touch it softly. Minister Matteo Salvini, do you know about this deviant decision, the escort to Saviano and Capitano Ultimo, do not you? & # 39; A real polemical message that in fact reopens a debate that had been ignited a few months ago when Salvini himself had spoken about the writer's escort. But now Dalla Chiesa takes a step forward and binds the protection of the author of Gomorra to what is missing instead Captain Last that the boss of the boss, Totò Riina, has arrested. The presenter also sent a message that was sent to Ultimo only.

The remark of Dalla Chiesa is lapidary: "In this leaflet it says that from September 3rd the escort to Captain Ultimo will be taken away from him, who arrested Toto Riina and my father was murdered on September 3rd". In short, the former host of Forum calls for intervention by the Ministry of the Interior. What will Salvini do? La Dalla Chiesa hopes that this appeal, even with social media, can reach the Minister for a quick decision.

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