The former tollgate of Latisana is at the focal point: the offices of the logistics offices for the third lane have been destroyed – Chronicle

However, the technicians and IT experts at Autovie Venete are already working to establish the connections with the optical fiber network of Tiliaventum. An essential activity to restore the computer stations that are already starting from Monday, the Concessionaire team will resume work.

Approximately thirty engineers, surveyors, surveyors, system engineers and location inspectors are the professional figures involved in the base camp of Ronchis.

The base camp was established in the area where the toll booth once insisted and includes, in addition to the offices of Autovie Venete, also those of Tiliaventum, the consortium of Pizzarotti and De Eccher building the third lane on the motorway between Alvisopoli (in Veneto) and Gonars.

And precisely in the Tiliaventum contanier also the employees of Autovie find their place from Monday. A temporary solution that makes the continuity of the work possible, without incurring any delay, a goal that both the Concessionaire and the executing company want to pursue at all costs.

The containers in which the offices of Autovie Venete were housed, as well as a dozen cars parked in the front area and a motorcycle, were completely destroyed. The causes of the fire that developed shortly before one hour were still unknown when most people were on a lunch break.

It was just an employee of Autovie, back at the office, around 12 and 50 to realize that the front door came out of the smoke and the first flames. A fire that spread immediately and nothing was worth the intervention of the fire department.

The president of Autovie Venete, Maurizio Castagna, has always had close contact with the president of the region and the extraordinary commissioner for the emergency on A4 Massimiliano Fedriga and with the Transport Council member Graziano Pizzimenti who went there to realize person of the situation and verifying, together with the technical director of Concessionaire Enrico Razzini, which urgent actions need to be taken to not interrupt the activity of the construction offices.

"Appreciation and thanks to the firefighters, the traffic police and the Carabinieri – said the president Maurizio Castagna – for the timely intervention, but also and especially for the employees of Autovie Venete and Tiliaventum who immediately made themselves available, some come back from vacation to to restore the activities of the offices ".

"From the earliest news it seems that the causes of the fire on the construction site of the third lane are accidental or negligent, and there are no elements in the state to think of a malicious cause." The chief prosecutor of Udine, Antonio De Nicolo, told ANSA.

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