The grillini put the TV concessions in sight

The problem of withdrawal of concessions is increasingly central to the political agenda of the government. A review of the relationship between public and private was actually already announced by the secretary of the Council Presidency, Giancarlo Giorgetti: "How much does the state deduct from the mineral water that we buy 2 euros per bottle? How much of methane underground or from television concessions? How much of the ether in which the signal from mobile phones travels, I find that the state must do periodic evaluations and then choose the best. " But the same Giorgetti, must be emphasized, raises doubts about the nationalizations that are so dear to the grillini.

But it is exactly from the pentastellati who are looking for a way out of the story of the concessions and this time the words are there Stefano Buffagni on the Messaggero: "I agree with Giorgetti: I add railway and radio concessions, mineral water, tlc and TV, hydroelectric distractions, if someone has made favors to these concessional companies in the past – underlines the exponent of the 5 Stars – the time has come to put things in order: this is the stuff of all people who make the business with disproportionate income Private is always welcome, but we must defend the interests of the public ". When we talk about TV concessions, you must inevitably think of Mediaset and Buffagni on this point: "We do not wage war against anyone and we have no prejudices", so "those who have not received favorable treatment can sleep peacefully." concession is well done, if it has not received any favors, there is nothing to fear, for example, the Deputy State Secretary continues – I am pleased with the way Mediaset travels to Ei Towers: they leave the network infrastructure management.In short, the government is provisionally limited to words, but surely the issue of concessions, after the collapse of Genoa, will always become hot.

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