the hunger strike begins

The news comes from the voice of David Faraone, a member of the Democratic Party that was on board yesterday Diciotti. It is one of the many members of the left who participated in the "parade" on board the ship that is anchored at the pier of the port of Catania.

"I have just heard from the Port Authority that there is on board the ship Diciotti voltage and the migrants have started a hunger strike – let the piddino know – That is why the onboard visits to express solidarity and control the conditions of the ship have been suspended for security reasons. They told me from the Coast Guard that tensions were expected after the landing of minors, because they all wanted to get out of the car, and instead nothing happened. But now the situation has deteriorated and become delicate ".

However, the Coast Guard sources explain that not all, but some of the 150 migrants decided to start a hunger strike. The majority, however, would not have been in the protest.

If the show can not go on, it will not stop the attack on a continuous cycle against Salvini and the government's decision to force the EU to redistribute the remaining migrants on board. yesterday Di Maio Europe has warned that the government will not pay the 20 billion in contributions to the EU if it does not help the Belpaese. Salvini gave him the rope and today the vice-premier grillino indicated that he would finance the reform of Fornero and the introduction of the "quota 80" earlier.

Meanwhile, to make news, the interview was released by the Diciotti commander, who radically denied PM and Ong's statements about the "dramatic" conditions of immigrants on board. "We had no children, there is no health emergency, the situation is more than satisfying, the migrants are eating, they are doing well and they do not feel like being kidnapped by the government," explained Massimo Kothmeir.

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