The income of the government team: Bongiorno first in the standings

On the website of the government the declarations of the income of the members of the executive power are reported. So far, the data have only communicated a few data. Among these also the minister of public administration, Giulia Bongiorno. The lawyer wins by far the rankings with 3,834,594 euros. Last in the rankings, as reported free, the Minister of Relations with Parliament and Democracy, Riccardo Fraccaro.

Secondly, the President of the Council is that Giuseppe Conte, a civil lawyer with an indicated income of 380,230 euros. Then follows the undersecretary for European Affairs Luciano Barra Caracciolo, which explains 182,056 euros. The fourth place goes to the secretary for the presidency of the Council of Ministers Giancarlo Giorgetti: 126,959 euros. The Minister for the Interior, Matteo Salvini, wins the fifth place with 108.539 euro.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Labor and Economic Development, Luigi Di Maio, also confirm the data of his entire family. He has an income of 98,471 euros; Antonio's father declared 88 euros (and owns shares or parts of 4 buildings and 9 land); the Pauline mother – Italian and Latin teacher – declared 52,403 euros; his sister Rosalba 11,530 euros and finally his brother Giuseppe declared no income or property.

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