the last contact of a McDonald's

«Loren and Christian are doing the trip, since August 15 have switched off mobile phones, has anyone seen them? I go on the bike ": this is Christian's message to pilgrims-Facebook communities to find the young people of Busto Arsizio, Christian Smeragliuolo is 20 years old and Loren Sartori 19.

The last contact was when they said they were close to Barcelona. The families filed a complaint with the Carabinieri, and – explained Christian's mother on Fb – Interpool was interested. At 2.00 pm on August 16 they were at a McDonald's in the Catalan capital.

The attraction of families is about Facebook and the media. Christian has a beard and mustache and brown hair, is 1.75 tall and weighs 62 kg and rides on a black mountain bike; Loren is blonde and has short hair, is 1.60 tall, weighs 52 kg and has a Decathlon gray mountain bike.

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