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NewTuscia – SUTRI – "I read an unlikely communiqué in which Deputy Mayor Casini, persistent in lies and without denying the attitude of his brother-in-lawyer, hopes that the judiciary intervenes for an (unchanging)" reality "of the facts to recover there are more than ten witnesses. But to deny it and to point out its subtle and treacherous nature as a little Christian Democrat under the apparent calmness, it is enough the letter of a neutral witness who saw everything, amazed after being in the archaeological park for years , as a regional official, expert and outside the local quarrels. Here are his words, like a boulder on the head of the treacherous counselors, the little great advice of Sutri: «Dear mayor, after the unfortunate events that took place on the evening of 22 hours. at Villa Savorelli I wanted to express my sincere moral support to you and everything you represent. I hope that this situation can be clarified as soon as possible and that your majority may continue on the chosen path in the development of the city of Sutri. After more than 30 years of activity in the protected areas of Lazio, of which 15 have been spent in the city of Sutri, I hope to continue active cooperation, prior to the strengthening of the protected area, the city of Sutri and the territory of Tuscia, where I was born and I have lived for more than 50 years. Sincerely. The regional official, Roberto Corzani ».

After the villain, contrary to a rule, Casini and his, without modesty, argue: "we defend our democratic institutions". No. They defend their private and family interests. Before I left and noticed that none of them called me or apologized for the very serious institutional tear, I would like to reply point by point to the lies of their statement that it is not another "version of the facts" on which it is not possible to to discuss (also because there are films). There was no agenda except for calling the junta, if not in their little brains. Instead, after the embarrassing meeting in Ferrara, there was a need to speed up the processes for the opening of the new Doebbing Palace Museum. No "urgency" to "formalize" the delegations, very clearly: Stefano Proietti on the budget (whom he never spoke to me); Giulia Cacchiarelli on Education and in schools (of which she never spoke to me); Claudia Mercuri for tourism and talent, to which she has always referred to me; Felice Casini, with the functions of replacing the mayor, from the staff to the regular administration. Simple and clear. According to the law, the president of the park is the mayor. The so-called delegation in the Cacchiarelli house (expression of the former mayor Cianti, active in the shadow, and author of a clandestine text of mistrust towards me, shared with & # 39; & # 39;), of a & # 39; Counselor at the park & ​​# 39; "Simple, it does not exist, and supposes skills that are alien to the profiles of hungry councilors Some sub-delegations were attributed to advisors like Nunzia Casini and, for Squadrista Amori's ambition, myself, after heavy discussions about the attributions of the departments, which the members of the majority self-guarantee, I wanted the revision of the statute to introduce the prime minister's figure and to compensate Casini's desires. In the pathetic communiqué attempts are made to prove the facts. and to overthrow the greed of useless functions, among the kind of inappropriate "delegations" to the councilors, who speak of "improper and inappropriate interference by some" local supporters of their own interests, "that would cause tensions, embarrassment, and misunderstandings. Simply, these "local advocates of their own interests" do not exist.

And everything that follows, in their pathetic release, is pure lie. None of the council members, and in particular the deputy mayor, is dedicated to the implementation of the program: from cleaning the streets to the renewal of the city lights, to the new orientation of the road routes (all deliberately in junta) to the elimination of plastic in decoration urban, for the maintenance of the schools and for the verification of the safety conditions, for the calls to the manager of the technical office, for the purification of the waters, for which I personally called a company that is available for the company. Also the opening of Doebbing Palace, which with time, the incompetence, the incompetence, the ignorance of many of them, would not have been realized in ten years. In this slowness, as in the painful pleasure of opening a museum without weighing "even a penny on the municipal budget" (in fact I have received 40 thousand euros from the Fondazione Roma after being married to Emmanuele Emanuele ), the controversy crawls in small-spirited about the "interested local supporters", which I shall mention: these are Casini's supporters, certainly not mine, as Vincenzo Petroni, who, as chairman of the museum's steering committee, was named after he had supported Casini in the pact (including) for the deputy mayor, he suddenly became a "stranger" of the majority.

For them, for the squadron group of infidels, the majority are the only ones chosen; and the strangers "their" supporters and the unelected, for internal family disputes that I do not want to occupy. I maintain relationships with all representatives of the majority who have supported me, and I will remember that Casini is one of the non-candidates and not selected. He acknowledges that the list manager who, as far as I am concerned, Paolo Marioni has won, has another, for them, of the alleged "supporters of local interests." No. I do not support and I have no supporters, if not in the citizens who voted for me, and that I am the only majority I recognize. In the administration of Sutri I am, and I am left alone. With an indefinable and barren office, without computers and other tools, without telephone, without secretary, without municipal secretary, without direct employees, other than those who are personally paid by me, without a service vehicle (so in Sutri it is always for my account) , and without salary, without a euro, in contrast to the non-elected deputy mayor and councilors. Although they paid, with the exception of Mercuri, they showed no function, and they acted systematically behind me, especially with an extraordinary tendency to festivities, festivals and street concerts. I, alone, with my vision of a city of art, I have not been informed of small and miserable agreements with the production of Clooney, and of a painful "Summer sutrina", with overpaid singers and comedians with the funds from the municipality, without anyone offering it to me.

So the pride of Casini not to burden the municipal budget for the museum, but for Pablo and Pedro & # 39; and & # 39; Marco Ligabue & # 39; (the brother of the best-known Luciano) is useless. The extent of their action behind me is the institution of an initiative, scimmiottamente repeated throughout Italy, called "white night", useless and failed invention of sleepers who are only awake that night. I would never have wanted it in Sutri. Another small conformist idea. And, in the municipal budget, were already ready 9500 euros (that yes, to be robbed) for the patronal celebrations of September 16: "musical show with artists of national level and live music (no bases)"; "Cabaret show with artists at national level". These objectives were focused on the "formalization of delegations", while I had an evening with great actors for the "Tableaux vivants" by Caravaggio and an evening by Moni Ovadia on the day of the right to a street in Primo Levi (no bases !). The hypocrisy of Casini and his is immeasurable, due to the proposal of the management of the museum due to a third party (at no cost for municipal taxes to give money to Pablo and Pedro) who takes the risk of doing business . This proposal, with the mention of possible discussion partners presented by me at Casini, is mine and mine alone, not "she". And, paradoxically, with the "interested local supporters" present when the squadristi adviser broke in, there was one of them, ready for full cooperation, Gianluca Bellucci.

As far as the far-fetched issue of the management of the regional park is concerned, Casini reveals why nobody, neither he nor the council members nor the councilors, let alone the supposed "local supporters of their interests", proposed with "urging", the creation of another institution. No one asked me anything and nobody resisted anything. The agreement for joint management by the "third institution" of the museum and the park was still in progress. No local supporter asked for "honorary bureaus", if not those between me, Casini and Petroni, for the museum; and the only one who is paid, for their inefficiency, is the deputy mayor, who has emphatically asked me to recommend it to ministers and presidents of institutions as assistant or shelving (I can indicate names and surnames), and the commissioners who loyal to him as a sect. With people like this it is good to have no relationships if they do not accept the clear address of the mayor. And they did not have the dignity to apologize for the aggression, interpreted by Casini's brother-in-law. Ah! The family!

I was left alone. The "local supporters" that Casini and he were talking about are the only active people of the majority of the electoral cartel, now considered "strangers": their names are and were present, Paolo Marioni, head of staff appointed after three months, Carla Di Seri, coordinator of the League, party of the majority of the government, very free, Vincenzo Petroni, ally of Casini, and who has never interfered with the administration, which engages in politics, exponent of the same party of Casini and today of Forza Italy (and that he was not present at the ambush meeting), the representatives of my unpaid press service, Monica Macchioni and Antonello Sette, esteemed professionals in parliament and on national televisions, who also worked for the majority (such as Emanuele Ricucci and Dalmazio Frau, no strangers), and who are in no way identifiable in "local supporters of their own interests". I was left alone by the will of the local power groups. And I want to thank publicly, for their noble free contribution, the "local supporters" of the list who unnecessarily won the election (said Lillo di Mauro, always loyal and correct opponent, bitter about his city, warned me, unfortunately also let me have been used against him, and I hope he is not used by them today) with the traitors and destroyers of today: the good and willing Carla Di Seri, Paolo Marioni, and the same (unloved) of Lillo and hated by Cianti, Vincenzo Petroni, with me always "politically correct"). They have simply made politics, for the city and for the citizens, even without being or elected candidates (and they would have been), not "own" interests, which are only "right" for the untrue group Casini and his family. I also thank the national politicians who have expressed their guilt to the group of traitors: the honorable Battistoni, Cesa, Fioroni, Fusco. And more I will say. From this absurd affair and sad political experience "

Vittorio Sgarbi

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