The negotiation – Ilva: in the Mise Di Maio tries the last narrow. Fiom: «Agreement if there are conditions» Italy

Ilva plants (photo archive)

Ilva plants (photo archive)

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Rome – From today's 14th trade unions, Ilva Commissioners, Arcelor Mittal and the government meet in Mise to search for the last hold in the negotiations on the final passage from the company of the extraordinary administration to the new investor.

The time is coming to an end: 15 September the extension to the statutory auditors expires and at the end of the month loses the Ilva, who already loses one million a day, the money ends up in the money box. Around the table, besides the abbreviations engineering, including those of other organizations such as transport and chemicals that are included in the circumference of Ilva, and are therefore subject to transfer, even different companies such as Taranto Energy, whose plants support the energy supply of the Taranto site, or Ilva maritime services, which manages the fleet of ships for the transport of raw materials. However, it is clear that the focus is entirely on the parent company Ilva.

For the strategic importance of the company, because of the environmental and occupational consequences, for the numbers involved. None of the parties in question explains optimism, also because they are still there different buttons to solveHowever, there is careful trust. According to sources in the vicinity of the file, the "quadra" can come with one redefining the environmental commitments of Mittal on Taranto and with an increase of several hundred units of the number of employees that will have to take on the same Mittal.

The game is played on this ground, both because of the minister Luigi Di Maio, which manages the business since mid-June, has up to now ruled that Mittal's environment and work supply was unsuited to the government's expectations and because of the double improvement Di Maio has subordinated the protection of the public interest. That is the aspect that should not fail if you want to keep the grant of Ilva to Mittal through the investor Am Investco to Di Maio, strong views of the Anticorruption Authority and the State Attorney, said the registration ended in June 2017 is illegal. But the illegality, Di Maio declared immediately, it is not enough to cancel the race; there must also be a concrete reason of public interest. And this public interest can still be saved if we define an agreement with Mittal about environmental rehabilitation and jobs.

At the first point, Mittal strengthened his obligations against him in connection with the contract of contract signed with the commissioners a year ago. Compared to this progress, there may be a further reduction in the timing of some interventions, so that the environmental safety of the entire site is as fast as possible and completed by 2023. That is the last date set in the Dpcm of September 2017 related toIntegrated environmental permit. In the meantime, the progress of the work on the mineral parks has already been positively evaluated by the trade unions, which are among the most important interventions in terms of combating emissions and controlling dust.

Trade unions on Monday they carried out an inspection to the site of the coverage of the mineral parks and found that, after the launch in February, a series of preparatory works have already been built, including the four large towers that will contain the huge curved roof that will be made of steel produced by the same Ilva, the cost of work about 300 million.

For employment, Mittal has not yet made a new proposal. Officially it would therefore still be strong for the 10 thousand hired, a maximum of 10,100, number deemed insufficient by trade unions and government. But it is also true that the multinational company has said in recent weeks available to find a satisfactory solution for everyone provided, however, that the profit and loss account of the entire operation is not compromised. And then it is possible that thebar of the occupatI am brought to 10,500-10,700, maybe not all immediately, but in two installments. In this way, there would gradually be less than 14,000 Ilva employees, the approximately 2,500 or more who would stay outside plan for voluntary exodus, facilitated and stimulated.

There would be a bonus of that 100 thousand euros gross a head. In any case, as long as there is no transfer to Mittal or voluntary early retirement, there would be cover for the extraordinary dismissal fund. And besides, if at the end of the whole path workers should be dismissed, Mittal, ask the trade unions, must ensure.

But a success of Di Maio in terms of agreement with Mittal could have political consequences, because in Taranto many environmental movements, which voted in March for Five Stars, the closure of Ilva and on the same line is the local pentastelate base. In fact, there has been pressure on social media for weeks. We speak of «betrayal of the election mandate»And for tomorrow evening, several movements have called a new protest garrison in the center of Taranto.

King David (Fiom): «Now everything but agreed»

"At the moment we are still far from an agreement": so the general secretary of the Fiom-Cgil, Francesca Re David, at the end of the table Ilva al Mise.
"We resume at 8.30 pm, but we need to see what substantial changes are on the table, we continue to demand that there are no redundancies, that there is full employment and that there is full recognition of wage and trade union rights. The company – he continued – is very coherent, has never changed its position.Mittal agrees to make an offer, but does not say what the total number of employees is, while the original number of employees remains unchanged, and it is unacceptable for employees to reduce their wages ". "However, we are not pulling away from the confrontation, but Mittal has to change positions, the government must change position in Mittal," King David said.

Uilm: «proposal AccelorMittal is not good, bad weather»

About the future of Ilva "they have proposed a document that we think is not good because it faithfully reflects what we have already said in recent months". So the Secretary-General of Uilm, Rocco Palombella, adding during the break from the table to Mise that is the only opening "that would pass from 10,000 to 10,300 people to be rented". At present, according to Palombella, "there are no conditions to quickly reach an agreement" and the atmosphere that prevails during the meeting "heavy, but we will not leave the table and we will continue as long as necessary, the night and the day after, to find an agreement that we have found positive »

AccelorMittal ready to take over layoffs about in 2023

ArcelorMittal is ready to take over the remaining redundancies in Ilva in 2023. This is read in the draft of the minutes of the agreement that is discussed at the current table at Mise. The unions in the face of the recruitment of the remaining employees give the availability to shorten the working hours that make it possible to guarantee the unchanged labor costs.

Ilva: expected to rent 10,300 in the draft contract

Ten thousand three hundred units: it is the number of assumptions made by Arcelor Mittal written in the draft agreement circulating in these hours in the Mise, where negotiations are being conducted for the parties. "Provided that the transaction is completed under the terms set out in the contract as amended by the amendment agreement, a permanent recruitment proposal will be made to the member companies for a total of 10,300 employees who are employed by the Ilva Company. date of signature of the contract, of which 10,100 within 31 December 2018 and 200 on 31 December 2021. "This is what we read in the draft agreement, even sources in the vicinity of Mittal, as well as the trade unions, speak in Mise of & # 39; positive air & # 39 ;.

Cisl: "Negotiations about the eventual rush, now a team game"
The negotiations on Ilva "seem to be projected in the direction of the last rush (given the beginning of a limited), but in the first place definitive clarifications are needed by the government". This is explained by the confederal secretary of the CISL, Angelo Colombini, who participates in the meeting in progress at Mise. "Even the company must bring its views closer to the requirements of the union and in fact be unitary, to the protection of direct employees of the whole group and related industries." It is clear that there should be no redundancies and there should be continuity in the employment relationship with regard to wage and regulation treatment The presence of the government during the negotiations between the parties – continues Colombini – helps clarify that nobody can speculate about the future of Ilva, because it is the guarantor of the investment policy in the field of environment employment and social policy, in terms of shock absorbers and any kind of incentive retirement. "And he concludes:" Times are important, but it is necessary that negotiations for the metalworkers and the other categories (electricity, transport, etc.) Provide the necessary guarantees. We continue to take the necessary responsibilities and we believe that a real and serious team play is essential ".

Turi (Owl): «Circular design agreement, understanding possible»

A draft agreement circulates for Ilva to Arcelor Mittal. Unless there are sensational surprises, I believe we are trying to reach an agreement. "This is stated by Giancarlo Turi, Secretary Uil Taranto, present at Mise, on the sidelines of the limited who just started between Mise, Arcelor Mittal, trade union leaders. «I do not know whether & # 39; evening or & # 39; night – Turi refers to the negotiation – but the direction is that». "Substantial – says Turi about the draft agreement – repeats the already known proposals. Environmental conservation is aimed at further shortening the time needed to implement interventions, while staffing is slightly different from 10,000, which is 100 plus, 100 less, but the incentives for voluntary and stimulated exodus can significantly reduce the gap ».

Mise: negotiation "in restricted"

After the first launch of the institutional table on Ilva, in the Mise, the close negotiation between the trade union delegation, representatives of Arcelor Mittal and the government has just begun. It is learned from union sources that are present at the table.

Bentivogli: "Convergenze with Confindustria? Yes, it is not a taboo »

"Convergences are all possible: when a government proves to be anti-industrial, the well-being of work and businesses must be defended by everyone". So the FIM-CISL-secretary-general Marco Bentivogli, on the sidelines of the table about Ilva al Mise, responds to those who ask him about the possibility that Confindustria supports the protest of the trade unions. "It is essential that there is a common front, I do not consider it a taboo or an inviolable ideological dogma, and every coalition that brings jobs and businesses to the center is absolutely positive," added the FIM leader.

Fiom: "Agreement if there are conditions»
About the future of Ilva "If Maio says there is the possibility to conclude the agreement tonight, I expect everything to be about full employment, everything about salaries, everything about rights and everything about the Genova program agreement. This means that we have to negotiate with the trade union, which the employees must then agree to the agreement ". So the secretary-general of Fiom, Francesca Re David, enters the Mise to take part in the institutional table. "So if Maio expects it to end today, I expect that there will be a complete result because the union does not sign any agreements made by others," King David added to Am's offer. "There can be no redundancy, we have said that there is no dismissal and that the conditions preceding the Banenwet are maintained because they are not new assumptions ". The public interest – he continued – "as far as we are concerned there are 14,000 people who have jobs and rights", while in voluntary exodus "the proposal must be made by Mittal, then maybe there". The strike, which was held on September 11, "is not about opening the table and it is clear that this will depend on the progress of the negotiations," King David concluded.

Citizens "no stop": "Factory must be closed"

Individual citizens of Taranto, supported by associations, doctors and committees, organize a sit-in (24 hours without interruption) at Piazza della Vittoria, which starts at 6:00 PM tomorrow, to ask Minister Di Maio and the executive power to "believe" the election promises signed in the Government Contract with the League that provides for the closure of polluting sources & # 39; The initiative, as specified, is born & # 39; in the light of the latest declarations of the government that – in complete continuity with previous governments – intends to sell the Ilva to the ArcelorMittal group, actually condemning Taranto another 10 years of pollution, disease and death "On the square" for a 24-hour debate and awareness on health and environmental issues – add citizens and associations – in addition to proposals that, from the closure of the steel industry, provide remediation and recovery by current Ilva employees, in a new perspective ef of economic change of the whole territory ".

Boccia: "We hope in solution, it would be a good sign»
"We hope that we will find a solution to the Ilva issue in the afternoon, it would be a wonderful sign". Thus, from Bologna, the industrial leader, Vincenzo Boccia, about the future of steel mills for which a table in Mise is planned today.

Di Maio: «Very delicate hours, good table results»

For Ilva, "these are very delicate hours". This was stated by the Minister for Economic Development, Luigi di Maio, interviewed by Radio Radicale, recalling that "today at 2 pm we meet with trade unions, the potential buyer and the government with the commissioners". Di Maio stressed that "in these delicate hours we should get the best results", declaring that "another green light that should light up, the current concrete public interest, which appears to be a" supercazzola ". an agreement for the improvement of the environment, employment and a cleaner VAT, the tender can not be withdrawn by law.This principle will influence these days on the work of the table, a table that I think can achieve good results » .

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