The PD and those discussed dinners from Calenda and Zingaretti to start again

the dinners to let them know again. the Democratic partyIn the grip of a crisis of identity and consensus, he tried to start from the table. The "gourmet" cure has been proposed by Carlo Calenda for and from Nicola Zingaretti than. The former Minister of Economic Development has started twitter as he likes to do: "This is a formal invitation." Let & # 39; s meet Paolo Gentiloni, Matteo Renzi and Marco Minniti to work and to my freedom of movement: Tuesday from me to dinner. Public invitation to the more decisive, but private response is fine. "The proposal arrived Sunday, September 16, 2018 in response to the post of an essayist Giuliano da Empoli who always wrote through social media: "History will not be friendly to the four leaders of the Democratic Party." Renzi, Calenda, Minniti and Gentiloni share the same political line when for egotistical reasons they can not sit at a table to prevent the PD wanders to irrelevance and submission to the 5-star movement».


The initiative did not stimulate Gentiloni: "Imagine you refuse this invitation. When it is ready and there is an invitation it is not something that can be renounced. That said, if someone thinks that the problems of the Democratic Party are solved because some people see each other at dinner, they may not understand exactly what the Democratic Party is. "The former prime minister spoke with Feast of unity from Modena, underlining the applause: "The Democratic Party urgently needs something that starts with" c "and that is not dinner, and is roughly mentioned Congress». Calenda then replied: "If I thought that the problems of the Democratic Party were solved with a dinner, I would be an imbecile, which two of the best Presidents of the Council that the country has had and the most capable Minister of Internal Affairs resume to confront the future of gods progressives but it seems to me a necessary first step ». In any case, the three seem to have been accepted.


In this catering establishment – where the Twitter account of the PD wondered who it was "dinner in the ministerial residence of #Salvini, with 200 invited and porchetta from #Ariccia "stay united"? »And the mayor of Pesaro Matteo Ricci he immediately joined the trend and asked the citizens invite him for a dinner at & # 39; the changing city & # 39; to discuss – Monday, the regional president Nicola Zingaretti, candidate for the Pd Secretariat, launched another idea. This time via Facebook: "Paolo Gentiloni has said sensible things about the topic of our way of discussing the conference and the participation. I fully agree with them, even this time. Precisely for this reason, for another congress, open and attended, along with many meetings I do throughout Italy, I organized next week in tavern a dinner "

With which guests, this time? "A entrepreneur from the Mezzogiorno of a small company, one worker, administrator committed to legality, a member of oneassociation in the first row about solidarity, a young professional at the head of a company Startup, a student and a professor from high school. I want to ask everyone: what should we do? Where did we go wrong? How can you resume fighting and winning? Because our history starts like this: listening to people ». Here is another way to start experimenting again left. The one with a full belly. They say that they are better reasons.

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