The third party of the government now raises its vote (after the defeat of the Def)

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The battle is very difficult and it is useless to deny it. In the frenetic hours of Thursday, an epochal turning point is used for the use and customs of Italian politics: those who do not understand it are either in bad faith or unable to read reality.

After years of clear dominance of the posts set for autumn budget maneuvers by the Ministers of Economy and the powerful technical-bureaucratic structures (General Accounting and the Bank of Italy at the head), we actually come to the reversal of the roles, with the leaders politicians (two, Di Maio and Salvini) who give the line by rejecting all the numbers proposed by others, including those of their minister Tria (which ends in a punishment behind the blackboard).

The story is of such a large size that it deserves today's editors Mario Monti on courier, in whose title "The perfect awkward maneuver" there is all opposition on the merits of the former prime minister but there is also broad recognition of the political significance of what happened (not without the calculation of Federico Fubini who assess the impact of government decisions on another 100 billion euros in government debt).

Today, however, it is Sunday, as Catalano would say, arriving after Friday and Saturday. We must then understand what is happening in the hours behind us, the effects of which are now under the eyes of everyone (in the newspapers).

Well, there are two important facts, many of which are off the records & # 39; to tell.

The first is that the real alarm begins, that of great occasions.

It is not only activated from the point of view of the evaluation of the effects of the maneuver (which, moreover, has to be written concretely), but especially with regard to the role of the various stakeholders (in Rome, Brussels and Frankfurt).

And then there is the position of Minister Tria, who was much weakened by the evening of the balcony and ready to resign (only returned after intense conversations in relation to and by telephone, with the head of state partially limited in the action owed by the concert for Ennio Morricone, but in real time by his staff informed). Tria therefore remains (for the time being).

Here, however, the second important fact has been matured in these hours, which concerns the minister himself.

And it is the intention to support him now, indeed to encourage him to go to the Ecofin meeting in Brussels on Tuesday, not as a defeated minister, but as a full minister, to his European colleague & # 39; To illustrate that the Italian will will focus on growth and not on crazy expenses to reach consensus (which is Mario Monti's thesis instead).

How does this strategy come about? With the descent into the field of a number of protagonists, who today make their voices heard with tones that are very consistent with each other (and very different from those of Salvini and Di Maio).

There is the Minister of Foreign Affairs Moavero Milanesi, who takes it from a distance, but launches a very clear message, talking about Europe: "The return of nationalisms reduces sharing and can deny it." In such a possible deviation there is more than one danger: in fact, to effectively destroy excessive nationalities that have been laboriously done on our continent since 1950 "(interview with National newspaper).

There is the undersecretary Giorgettithat goes in perfect Northern League style: "If this government is incompetent in certain circles, it may be that someone wants to bring it into trouble, regardless 2.4% So let's not forget we have to go to the markets to sell government bonds and we have to make sure someone, those titles, buy them "(interview republic).

But there is also the prime minister count, returning to Thursday evening: "Members of the 5-star movement celebrate a result that is a real political manifest for them: the income of citizenship" (interview with Corriere della Sera). In that word, "she", there is everything that Conte wants to tell us.

Let us call on Quirinale and the words of the president of Confindustria – "we strongly believe in this League" – and here the scenario begins to become clearer, also because the same boccia he speaks of "Lega" and not of Salvini.

The third party of the government, which has few votes but counts many roles, does not find and consider Thursday's results as definitive.

From today he will try to play his game, with only one goal: to take revenge.

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