The three stages of the Carroccio to go to the new competition

Three steps have been carved into the new League's road map, or rather, what will be born from the ashes of the historical creature founded by Umberto Bossi. The first is the judgment of the Court of Review, which will be adopted for the following Wednesday, which will decide on the request of the Prosecutor to include all amounts that will in future appear on the current accounts of the League until € 49 million. A decision that will act as a turning point for the future of the feast of Matteo Salvini and Giancarlo Giorgetti and will be decisive for the search for an escape route. The second is the founding congress of the eventual new political formation, which must be carried out before the European elections. The third will be the vote next year for the parliament in Strasbourg, which will measure the majority ambition of the movement.

In the middle there are the regional elections that will be useful to understand the intentions of the Carroccio regarding future alliances, elections in which we will understand whether the traditional placement of the League in the center will be confirmed or that Matteo Salvini will try to take full loot and collect the electorate from the other area parties, but also the one who leaves the M5.
The identikit of the new subject (which will not be called "Lega nazionale" or rather with regard to the name is also based on the need to completely eliminate the word "competition" in order to solve problems of "continuity" in the legal sphere. occur) is a puzzle that it is not difficult to compose. The new creature will have a purely national character. The same double-track Lega and Noi with Salvini has already passed. What was in the center-south Noi with Salvini has long been the local coordination of the League, with cover covering all regions with Trentino who has left South Tyrol, as well as Emilia from Romagna. The project does not provide for agreements with local topics or public lists. The idea is "gather more voters than leaders," declares an exponent of the Northern League "and talk more with people than with the device". The big weavers are those of all times: Giorgetti and Raffaele Volpi, today undersecretary of Defense, one of the first architects of the landing in the south of Italy.

Salvini also registers the entry of another character into the club of his demonstrators. Spike Lee, arrived in Venice, tells All & # 39; "With Salvini" I would not drink a glass of wine, and I would never go to the stadium to see Juventus and Ronaldo. No, I do not think something like that will ever happen. What he is doing in Italy Salvini does Putin in Russia, Le Pen in France and Agent Orange (Donald Trump etc.) of us. None of them is my type, I prefer to keep them away. I do not have to be face to face with negativity, but to give a message of love; instead, these individuals show hatred only. "A response from Salvini comes:" The more they have money, the more arrogant they are. But does Mr. Spike Lee have anything else to take care of me than I do? & # 39;

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