The UN sends inspectors to defend migrants and Roma

We missed the reprimandVN. The new field is now also taking place on the topic of migration policy that every state puts into practice UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet. But not just about that. Because the announcement made today by the former Chilean president in his first speech at the Geneva Conference has the taste of a moralizing action, if not a real invasion & # 39 ;.

"We plan to send staff to Italy to counter the allegedly strong increase in violence and racism migrants, people of African origin and Roma, "said Bachelet, the same applies to Austria.

"The Italian government has refused the admission of NGO rescue ships.This kind of political attitude and other recent developments have devastating consequences for many already vulnerable people.While the number of migrants transcending the Mediterranean has declined, the mortality rate for those who have the crossing was even higher in the first six months than in the past, "said the High Commissioner.

And again, according to Bachelet, the efforts of governments to ban foreigners do not solve the migration crisis and only cause new hostilities. "It is in the interest of every state to implement a migration policy that is rooted in reality, not panic," said the former Chilean president, who criticized the construction of boundary walls, the separation of immigrant families and the incitement to hatred against migrants. "This policy does not offer anyone long-term solutions, only more hostility, misery, suffering and chaos," he said.

In today's remarks the High Commissioner did not mention concrete examples, but a longer version of his speech to the Council referred to countries such as the United States, Hungary and Italy. Bachelet took office in early September by the successor of the Jordanian diplomat Zeid Raad Al Hussein, known for his highly confrontational approach to some of these countries. Nowadays Bachelet instead opted for a less militant tone, underlining the Human Rights Council that would fight for human rights and at the same time retain the willingness to listen to governments. "Countries should see human rights as an instrument for economic development and against violent extremism, and increase access to all human rights that strengthen society and are more resistant to unpredictable shocks".

Meanwhile, the Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, rejects the High Commissioner's allegations to the sender"Italy has welcomed 700,000 immigrants in recent years, many of whom are illegal and have never received cooperation from other European countries, so we do not accept lessons from anybody, let alone from the UN that appear to be prevented, unnecessarily expensive and poorly informed: The police deny that there is an alarm against racism: first to verify Italy, the UN is investigating its member states that ignore fundamental rights such as freedom and equality between men and women ".

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