The video of the spray in the face of the migrant: the controversy erupts in Palermo

The controversy broke out on the video of a few seconds that was filmed this morning at the office of the police aliens in the San Lorenzo district. A migrant was dragged out of the handlebars with the handcuffs, and two cops squirted the stinging syringe into his face. In a footnote, the Human Rights Clinic at the University of Palermo calls for clarification of the work of the agents. "In connection with the video published by, where two policemen spray the spray in the face of a boy on the floor, and are therefore unable to do any damage in any way, we ask for immediate clarification of the responsible authorities, starting with those in charge of the headquarters of the San Lorenzo police, where the event took place, and we also consider the possibility of a complaint to the public prosecutor about these events ".

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In the episode, the police station in Palermo highlights how the boy who is framed in the video is a person who has not yet been identified because he has no documents, was arrested this morning via Maqueda on charges of inappropriate theft and opposition to a public official. "The young foreigner – says the police – was blocked by the agents of the steering wheels in a bar in Via Maqueda while, after attempting to steal it, the broken glass of a bottle threatened the owners of the bar and some tourists" . The agents caught him and brought him to the police station. The young man had no papers and was therefore taken to the office abroad to be identified and reported on the photo. "The young man was very agitated and aggressive – they say from the police station – he damaged the steering wheel during transportation and refused to be reported, he also damaged the hotline, and the use of the urticant spray was necessary to prevent the arrested person would endanger himself and the agents ". The detainee was then admitted to the hospital of Villa Sofia, stunned and guarded by the agents.

Giusto Catania, the leader of the left wing, also intervenes in the episode: "When the Minister of the Interior – Catania writes in a note – he feels competent to confiscate an Italian coastguard ship to prevent him from arriving and nearly 200 people are forced to stay on board in violation of the Constitution and a number of Italian laws and international treaties, it is clear that someone feels authorized to use the burning spray against an immobilized migrant, who apparently has no chance of damage to be created on the basis of the images of the Republic We believe that this is a serious matter and a clear violation of the rights of the person.The use of the fire spray is only permitted in situations of particular danger, so not when someone is impassioned – as the video from the newspaper shows, all of this is serious and requires, in our opinion, an intervention of the head the police office in Palermo, where we also ask to explain to the public what has happened and what the subjective and objective responsibilities are of such a sad issue. The numerous episodes of racism that have taken place in recent weeks are worrying and it is necessary to remove all doubts about the actions of the police and law enforcement agencies of Palermo, always alert to the protection of fundamental human rights. "

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