They do not invite her to the Unity party

In the unity of Florence there will be no Maria Elena Boschi the former Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister was not invited.

"We have invited all the delegates and senators elected to the lectures Florentines and Woods as you know them, were chosen in Trentino Alto Adige", explains Lorenza Giani, deputy secretary of the Florentine PD and organizes the party. And if the long-awaited invitation to the Boschi has not arrived, Matteo Renzi Maurizio Martina, Marco Minniti, Luca Lotti, Dario Nardella and even the Tuscan governor Enrico Rossi, not from the Democratic Party but also from Liberi is and Equuali, everything has arrived.

Just in recent days, the Boschi took the proximity of the territory where it was chosen, took the party card in Bolzano and said goodbye to the club of the Florentine PD where he was registered. Same as Renzi. But I probably never thought I would get that hit. The PD, in fact, puts it at the same level as Lega and M5S. Even they were not invited, even though they were part of the government. "There are no spaces for dialogue with these two political forces – the deputy secretary of the Florentine Demogisutifica – so it would be hypocritical to invite them."

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