They play Faccetta Nera, an attacked lawyer – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – VASTO, 20 AGO – aggression in & # 39; fascist style & # 39; and all that
& # 39; & # 39; is not underestimated by the Vasto & # 39 ;, # 39; police, as is the case
taught the Ansa, last night in a public place in the lane
Dalmatia in Vasto Marina, when speakers were
the notes "Faccetta Nera" spread "at full speed". He tells it
Nicholas Tomeo, a 31-year-old lawyer from Vasto who is the
story of the violence of Facebook, not heard
in Commissariaat. Last night, when I was walking, I heard something
far away play & # 39; Faccetta nera & # 39; at very high volume from a room
of the area. I approached to ask to stop immediately
the music. At that time, apparently the owner of the place,
it strikes me by violently influencing my face. "The aggressor
he would then leave the room "to provoke me further
Roman greetings and shouts for us! & # 39 ;. The joke is also that
place where the place is, is a former internment camp. That
it makes everything much more serious. "Tomeo got ready
rescue from Vasto, where he had 3 days of prognosis.


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