This is who is the commander of the ship Diciotti

While the ship Diciotti is (still) in the port of Catania with 150 immigrants on board (29 minors have fallen last night), we start sketching the profile of the commander of the coast guard who rescued the migrants.

While he is screening his Facebook profile, a curious thing immediately comes to mind: the drawing of an artist carrying a boat full of migrants put as a cover image on August 19th. The drawing, according to Casapound, would have been realized by an artist in the vicinity of Power to the People. So Massimo Kothmeir, the commander of the coast guard is ready in the viewfinder: "The commander of the Eighteen, Massimo Kothmeir, has published on Facebook the design of an activist of Power to the People, extreme left, of a ship full of migrants & # 39, that crosses the borders, so CasaPound is right, the 80s in an identity crisis finds it an NGO ".

But who is Massimo Kothmeir?

The commander of the Eighteen is a Genoese and does not like to give interviews. But let's go to his career. A group of 67 took the port in Trapani migrants that had become threatening. It was one of the men who coordinated the searches for the missing persons in the collapse of the control tower of the port of Genoa, in May 2013.

As far as the Diciotti case is concerned, the Coast Guard commander met with today the radical Riccardo Magi, the deputy of + Europe, who came on board: "When I asked him about the state of the ship and how much you can resist, he said me that we are now far beyond the borders, and then he explained to me that he heard of the ban on landing, and also the permission to let minors land, via social networks, and spread his arms. not worrying not to receive written orders The general command then confirmed the instructions ".

In fact, Massimo Kothmeir claims to have been informed of the ban on allowing Diciotti to land only through social networks. To say that it was the secretary of the Italian radicals Riccardo Magi in an interview with the Republic: "He never received any official notification of the refusal of landing. When he was already in Catania, he learned through social media that the Viminal would not allow the landing and he immediately stopped. "

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