To the Roman castles – Migrants of the Diciotti Tuesday to the "Better World" of Rocca di Papa Italy

The centre

The center "Mondo Migliore" in Rocca di Papa

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Rome – The sky sparkles this month at the end of August in the Castelli Romani and the sun is high on the Via dei Laghi which leads from the capital to the lake level of Castel Gandolfo. The view is suggestive, surrounded by nature as it is "Mondo Migliore" the center indicated by Pope Francis, returning from Ireland, as the destination of the migrants disembarked from the Diciotti ship in Catania. Subsequently, several news items exchanged during the day, which gave the center of the transfer another center of the Auxilium of Ariccia, also to the Castelli Romani, such as by Don Ivan Maffeis, secretary of Cei and director of the office for communication to the Italian episcopal agency was declared. social.

In reality, the same structure as the Cas or the chosen special reception center is managed by the cooperative San Filippo Neri, a rib of the Auxillium cooperative, which includes communities that are migrants such as Castelnuovo di Porto. therefore to house a hundred people (which will arrive on board two carriages from Sicily on Tuesday evening) will be "Mondo Migliore" as confirmed by Maffeis.

The center was opened in 2016 as a hub and transformed into Cas Special in October last year initially to the "move", or the move. In front of the building there was a room for pilgrims and tourists with a convention center and an auditorium for events organized by the Oblate Fathers of the Virgin Mary. On average, the current presence is about 400 migrants (the maximum capacity is 600 persons) of nationality, especially Eritrea and Syrian who follow Italian lessons.

Between security and hospitality

In the area few people remember their protest last summer the block of Via dei Laghi. While others are one of the & # 39; guests & # 39; of the center, the African man who had stripped nude in June in the streets of Grottaferrata and had tried three days later to rape a girl in Caracalla, in Rome.

There is a great welcome in the words of the mayor of Rocca di Papa, Emanuele Crestini: "The Diciotti represents another humanitarian tragedy that has been the subject of political armor at national and European level. the ship was stationed there, without knowing their fate for days, finally the situation was released, we did not receive official messages from the Ministry of the Interior or the prefecture, but the decision to host migrants in "Mondo Migliore" it is a precise personal indication of Pope Francis. His Holiness has indeed declared that migrants are immediately included in an integration process aimed at learning the Italian language ».

"As far as Rocca di Papa is concerned – Crestini continued in a note published on the municipality's Facebook page – we are already activating in coordination with the prefecture and the cooperative which manages the center in order to continue to guarantee maximum control over the territory in order to prevent inconvenience to citizenship ".

The mayor invited the pope to visit on this occasion the city not far from Castel Gandolfo historical seat of the papal summer residence that the present bishop of Rome never used as such. And that after he had found shelter with the left Benedict XIV completely open to the public.

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