Todi, goes on vacation with the 104 and publishes photos on Fb: employee licensed Usl

He benefited from the paid leave provided for by the law 104 absent from work to care for the sick and with serious forms of disability, but in reality an employee of Usl Umbria 1 who was employed by Todi went on holiday some of the major European capitals. By posting photos of his travels on Facebook. Already the subject of an investigation of the financial guard for him has now been fired without notice. A fine that is applied at the end of the disciplinary proceedings, initiated by the care office itself, led by Andrea Casciari. The most serious that can be imposed in cases such as that of the now ex-employee.

The affair came to light in October 2016, after the constant monitoring by the financial guard, in this case Todi's aim, "to protect government expenditure and, in particular, in contrast to the scams committed by employees". Research that – according to the researchers at the time – took place in "close collaboration" with the same Usl. The yellow flames had thus revealed that the employee "usually" asked for the award of two or three consecutive days of paid leave for Law 104, "joining" on days of vacation or weekly rest. The financiers traversed the data relating to the periods of absence, thus cumulated with those of some travel agencies and airlines, and found that the man repeatedly assisted instead of the wounded for whom the 104 had been granted foreign for tourism.

Travel, a dozen of disputes, sometimes "documented" by the same US Umbra employee with photos posted on his Facebook profile. For him, therefore, the criminal investigation was carried out, but also the disciplinary investigation that was immediately initiated by the general management of the healthcare business. An internal procedure that has recently been closed with no dismissal. The Usl challenged the employee "repeated use" of paid leave under Law 104 to "travel abroad". And not to assist the next of kin as required by law. A behavior that, as said, led to the toughest disciplinary measures: dismissal without warning.

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