"Touch Salvini and we will pick you up at home"

"Message from the Lega Abruzzo: if you touch the captain, we'll take you under the house … eye!". These are the words that conclude the post on Facebook of the deputy and secretary of the Lega in Abruzzo Giuseppe Bellachioma. Share a message from Matteo Salvini In the investigation against strangers to the ship Eighteen Story, Bellachiom adds a post. Of the tone probably ironic.

Apparently, however, the National Magistrates Association did not like it very well: "It is an action of unprecedented gravity that represents an unacceptable attempt to intervene in the activities of magistrates engaged in the delicate affair, taking into account the origin of a parliamentarian, who must respect the activities of all institutions, including the magistracy, the ANM rejects any attempt at interference and intimidation and ensures that all magistrates play and will continue to perform their own duties exclusively to the law, so any attempt at conditioning will be in vain. "

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