Tragedy in Val Brembana: he glides over the path, falls into a deluge and dies – Chronicle

Mezzoldo (Bergamo), 27 August 2018 – Ex 74-year-old man it is death today in the afternoon Upper Brembana Valley, in Mezzoldo, after being slid while he was traveling a path and be ready in one creek. 118 vehicles arrived on site, including helicopter rescue, but the injuries reported by the vacationer were too serious. Two other hikers gave an alarm. On site also the Carabinieri and the Alpine Rescue for the recovery of the body.

The victim is a 74-year-old man Vimodrone, in the province of Milan: he had gone out with another person looking for mushrooms but he lost his balance, he slipped and landed in the stream. By chance in the area there was a doctor who gave the first treatment, but there was nothing to do: le wounds reported that they did not escape the holidaymaker, who stayed in a place of the Brembana Valley.

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