Trieste, a fired boat crashes on the coast: panic among the swimmers

It has fallen on the coast of Trieste at full speed. A boat in flamesunmanned on board, a few meters of the swimmers crashed. The motorboat, after he had touched other boats and caused panic among the people who flooded the beach and especially among those who swam in the sea, ended his attack against a wall.

The facts

As reported The Piccoloaccording to the reconstruction of the rescuers and the story of the witnesses, a man on a motorboat felt a strong heat, realizing immediately after the presence of a principle of fire behind in the vicinity of the fuel tank. The man tried to extinguish the flames and then threw himself into the sea without turning off the engine. So the boat has begun to wander in the water until it crashes on the shore against the wall of a house.

The pilot of the ship, a 48-year-old Trieste, was found and transported to the emergency department of the hospital to treat it burns, not serious. Swimmers managed to get out of the water just in time and get away from the coast. When the boat crashed on the coast, it was completely lit. The fire was only tamed by firefighters who were immediately wounded on the spot.

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