Try to rape a woman while jogging in the Vallere: a 28-year-old stopped

He attacked a 44-year-old woman at the Parco delle Vallere, in Moncalieri, while jogging and tried to rape her. He threw her to the ground, took off her shirt, and lowered her trousers, causing her injuries that the woman later medicated in the hospital. Fortunately, at that moment a man came along who saw the scene and intervened to defend the woman.

After helping her free her attacker, she immediately called 112 and explained what had just happened. In a few minutes the carabinieri of the radio mobile arrived, who drove the park to stop a non-EU citizen, an irregular 28-year-old from Ghana on the Italian territory.

The event took place in the morning of today, Monday, August 20. It is not excluded that the man blocked by the army is also responsible for the other events in April last year, when two women reported similar sexual assault within a few days.

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