Two seem in apartment in Levanto – Last Hour

(ANSA) – LA SPEZIA, AUGUST 19 – The bodies of two people, one
elderly couple, they were found in a flat in the
center of Levanto in the early afternoon in a
apartment in the center of Levanto. The two bodies are well advanced
state of dissolution. It was the nauseating odors that were yes
they warned to turn off the alarm. Firefighters have
broken through the door of the apartment, closed from the inside, and
they made the macabre discovery.
The documents found in the house are from a man of 77
year, originally from the province of Milan, and a woman
Trevigiana, both living in the town on the coast
Spezia. Try to understand the carabinieri
correspond to the bodies in the kitchen
the apartment. The hypotheses range from murder-suicide to
double disease. Both people may have suffered
pathologies. Calling a neighbor of the police (19459004)


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