"Ugly Negro I kill you": Trent, racist threats against the Ethiopian breeder – Chronicle

Agitu Ideo Gudeta in his company

Agitu Ideo Gudeta is an Ethiopian breeder who lives in Trentino and keeps the farm "La capra felice" in Frassilongo (Trento).

For some time there is a man who does not let her sleep peacefully. A man who has recently crossed the threats of the facts, even physically attacks her.

"Ugly negro, I kill you, you have to go, this is not your place", these are the insults that the man usually pronounces against the breeder.

The threat of death and lately, we said, has also physically attacked her.

He has been reported, but has not stopped yet. "The carabinieri are doing their best, but unfortunately intervention in these situations seems very difficult", the woman told the newspaper L & # 39; Adige, who also took a political account. "First the itlaiani, some politicians repeat, and these are the effects".

Agitu – who moved to Trentino after escaping from Ethiopia – claims that she has a "beautiful" relationship with the people in the valley and that the attacker is not a local man.

The first signs of intolerance towards the breeder and some of her black employees arrived in June last year.

But in this month the situation has plummeted, with two physical attacks. "I was cleaning the milking machine for the first time when I was at the neck and said it would kill me, I did not understand what was happening, I was short of breath, but somehow I managed to get it on touch low parts and escape.

Then the second: "I was in the meadow, he reached me on the bike, he came down from the middle and approached on foot, I tried to defend myself with his stick, but he snatched it from me and threw me on the ground in the neck, screaming & # 39; I kill you & # 39; With all the strength I had, I used my feet to push it away and then I called the police ".

Now Agitu is afraid: "I'm afraid something bad is happening: I just want to work with calm and leave my head in the forest with my goats, as I used to do." I want to feel safe, nobody can afford to come to my house to attack me. , do not give up ".

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