Venice, 13, dies crushed by a forklift truck. The family: "He was passionate about parkour"

He had introduced himself into one depositClimbing over the fence to show his friend the "numbers" he knew how to drive a car forklift truck. So Cristiano Lucchini, 13, Venetian, has just been crushed from the forklift truck that is used to transport goods in warehouses. Maybe it's your fault curve too tight, or of the flooring disconnected from the warehouse that turned the vehicle over. With him was also the son of his mother's companion, a year older, who remained unharmed. The accident occurred during the storage of building material along the the Scomenzera channel, in the capital of Veneto, owned by Boscolo Bielo.

Family members reported that Cristiano was passionate parkour. Once, they say, he had entered that down payment. On the second occasion he also brought his brother. The story is being investigated carabinieri, police, traffic controllers e harbor masterwho will have to check how the boy has managed to enter the area: le Keys of the lift truck, the researchers reported within of the vehicle. The Attorney General of Venice will open a file. Cristiano's half-brother, in shock, was entrusted to him psychologist: for now it was decided to postpone his interview with the police.

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