Via escort to Captain Ultimo. Salvini now wants to see clearly

"Minister Matteo Salvini, you know of this deviant decision? The escort to Saviano yes, and to Captain Last No? "So yesterday Rita Dalla Chiesa invited the League to take charge of what he regards as an injustice, namely that the authorities decided to revoke the escort to the man who arrested the boss of the bosses, Totò Riina. Chiesa has not been left unheard, but Salvini, as was done on the occasion of the escort of Saviano, announces that he has no real power over this matter, but he will try to do something.

"The Minister of Internal Affairs can not intervene directly in the assignment of escort personnel – explains Salvini – With regard to the story of Captain Last, protagonist of brilliant and famous operations, the news did not leave me indifferent. With regard to the work and professionalism of everyone, I will ask for information to understand more ".

Ultimo will leave without escort the coming 3 September. Salvini he points out that "sIn short, a reduction of almost 600 escorts, a record at the European level, will be necessary to at least some of the 2,000 men of the police services who are involved daily in these often motivated, sometimes not recoverable. "And that will try to understand what is success in the case of Ultimo, which of course can still be in the sights of the Mafia.

The case has also intervened Giorgia Meloni. "The withdrawal of protection from Captain Ultimo scolds the memory of all heroes who have sacrificed themselves to fight the Mafia and humiliates all servants of the state who are leading the day in the fight against organized crime", writes Fb la leader of the brothers of Italy. His party will soon "ask a parliamentary question and appeal to the President of the Republic of Mattarella: intervene to put an end to this shame and give Colonel De Caprio the dignity and attention he deserves".

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