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LUCCA. He shared the erotic photos of his girlfriend about a group of Watsapp, photos and films that then went around other chats, to finally reach that of the school that was attended by the girl, a 14- year old. For this reason, the 16-year-old friend and 8 other peers are reported by the Carabinieri of Castelnuovo Garfagnana for the crime of "revealing child pornography".

The investigation started in February, after news received by the police confidentially, but mainly because of the complaint of the mother of the girl. These elements enabled the army to establish the direct involvement of the child's boyfriend, the first to be revealed to friends of the same age, to share them on a WhatsApp chat group, some images and films that the 14-year-old painted in erotic and sexually explicit attitudes. The images were then published on the soccer team chat of some of the first recipients, and re-published on other chats until the chat of the minor's school. Thus, in a few days and without anyone, even if desired, could block its spread, the image has spread in a "viral" way among many young Garfagnana.

At the end of the research activity, the carabinieri established the full involvement and criminal responsibility of the 9 minors for the detention and viral distribution of photos of child pornography. "The suspects have shown that they are unable to control the IT tools that the technology makes available, and not to understand what effect the behavior can have on the victim," the carabinieri explains.

Now they will have to answer to the judge of the serious crime they are being held. But in addition to criminal investigations, on the initiative of prosecutors civil proceedings were started to protect both the victim and the suspects, with the assistance of social services, "to guide children and their parents in the full understanding of the

reasons and effects of their behavior, and especially the necessity that the upbringing of young people, at every level (family, school, sport) should not neglect the proper use of IT tools ", says the carabinieri.

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