Videoshock of the murder in Naples, behind the robbery a quarrel between women

A tribal feud, mainly animated by women. They are a
unleash the war against the family next door, they are
they act at night, "armed with baseball bats and
kitchen knife », they are the ones who cover the killer after the
crime, to provide assistance during the short time inactivity. Ne
the gulp Anna Laura Alfano is convinced, who signed months ago
the arrests of Francesco Valentinelli, the 23-year-old considered
responsible for the murder of Gennaro Verrano, consumed him
November 17 and immortalized by a video that has been completed in the procedure
research. But what led to the decision to kill
your neighbor? What causes a murderous anger
23 years old in a few days waited for the judge for murder
volunteer? According to the exploratory reconstruction in it
part of alleys that revolve around the piazzetta Trinità
of the Spaniards there was a feud in medieval style
between shouts and threats thrown under the balconies of the house of the gods
"Enemies", sudden raids in homes with blows of
bars, to the improvised aggression, of those who do not
they even save young women who go to work

It is the scenario in which the crime is removed by the investigating judge
last November, a murder at a stone's throw from
students and seniors, passers-by and residents, who could that be
centered by the murderer's anger. The story of one is decisive
supertestimone, the only voice in a desert of omertà e
indifference, which decides to tell the prequel of the crime, of
to describe the background of an "ordinary" crime,
almost banal in its essential dynamics. The Camorra does not do this here
it must do – the researchers write – it is not a crime
traced back to stories about drug gangs or extortion,
here is a story of resentment that continued
generations. The Valentinelli against the Verrano, stories of old men
handed resentment deposited in the course of time to younger people. and
she is a wife of Verrano, a young mother who is the
for the ambush: «Three days earlier
of the murder they came to our house. It was late at night. there
they attacked and threatened, they had baseball bats and bars
knives, they gave us orders to leave the rooms
Spagnoli. "A few months earlier there were two more attacks: again
women in action, as told by the superteste of this story.
"I was out of the house all day, I was attacked and I did it
corrected a stitch at the level of the forehead. fui
forced to go to the hospital, but I told the doctors about this
I hurt myself after a fall. & # 39; And it is not over yet.
There is another left episode in the middle
of the research, which still concerns Francesco Valentinelli:
three months before Verrano's murder – according to the story
of the superteste -, the 23 – year old would be a man of the
rival family, outside the cornices along the way
Marina, not far from the sea clinic Loreto.


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