Violent raids in homes: arrested band of North Africans

Surprising homeowners in their sleep: they surpass and threatened with death to get money and valuables. four North Africans, suspected of more than 15 robberies in a month between Veneto and Lombardy, were arrested by the Carabinieri of Verona and Rovigo. The tire, according to what was determined by the Arma, was introduced in the villas between the provinces of Verona, Mantua and Rovigo.

The facts

The last episode was recorded on the night of Thursday 30 in a villa in Mantua. Two brothers who owned the house were immobilized and beaten with a club. As reported republicThe victims, aged 52 and 66, heard their dogs bark in the courtyard in the middle of the night. The eldest came out and looked at four people with a hood armed with the equipment just stolen in the shed behind the house. The band broke into the house where the mother of the two is, but has not been touched. "Give us money and chains," the attackers had called.

the arrest

The attackers escaped with two hundred euros, three mobile phones and one of the brothers' cars. Shortly before, they had also robbed the neighbor's house. After having given the alarm, the police left on the police track band, shortly thereafter blocked. The members of the group are between 25 and 30 years old and have lived in Italy since then irregular.

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